Atlanta Muddy Buddy Race Recap

I was lucky enough to be given a race entry from NUUN for myself and P to the Atlanta Muddy Buddy.  We truly had no idea what to expect.

Packet pickup was a half a mile from my house, quite convenient.  We picked up our stuff and said hello to Laura working the NUUN table.

Me and Laura


To say that P was excited about this would be a lie.  He was a big trooper for being my teammate.  I signed us up for the 9:15 time slot and it said to be there by 8.  The race was actually in Conyers, GA which is about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta (from our neighborhood).  I wanted to get there early anyway to help out at the NUUN tent with Laura and Jesica.

When we are arrived, we were both very impressed with the efficiency of the parking and the organization of the race.  We had to park a walk quite a ways to the start area but got there and went right to work.

hydrating the Atlanta Muddy Buddy

It was great meeting Jesica and her husband Fran and getting to see Laura again.

Me and P before the mud
Jesica, Laura, myself-all sporting different NUUN shirts

The Race Start

Our start time was set for 9:15.  We headed over to that area and realized it was VERY INFORMAL.  Jesica, Fran, P and myself all ended up pretty far back at the start and they were just letting waves of people go every few minutes.

We had absolutely no idea what to expect.  I decided last minute to not bring my waterproof camera or my garmin because I didn’t want to ruin either.  I wish I had pictures to explain more of this race to you and to explain our time.  We ended up being in the last group of our “wave.”  Looking back, I wish we would’ve pushed towards the front.  Not everyone doing this race is an athlete-it is a “fun run.”

The Race

The entire thing was on a trail.  I’m not sure how far we ran to get to the first obstacle but it was jumping over a wall.  Quick and easy.  We hit our next obstacle and notice a short line.  It involved balance and holding hands.  We fell off the first time and had to start over.  We chose a different “balance board” to try because it was for people with shorter arms (i’m only 5’4”) and that line was pretty long.  I would say that added 5-7 minutes to our time.

The next obstacle pissed me off.  We waited a good 15-20 minutes to get to the actual obstacle.  We climbed down a hill and literally had to walk through a creek.  Actually, we ended up standing in it.  At this point I was how stupid it was and how much this wasn’t what I expected.  I’m so used to being competitive and standing in line wasn’t exactly exciting.  As the line slowly moved we realized what was taking so long.  You had to climb up a muddy hill.  We figured out a plan and I went first.  I ended up grabbing some branches (hoping it wasn’t poison ivy) off to the left of the hill and using tree trunks to lift myself.  I ended up with splinters in my hands but made it with one try (we saw several women sliding and falling back into the creek).  The actual obstacle?  Rope climb and ring the bell.  I killed it, if I do say so.  I was pumped to see I was strong enough.

I learned while running this how much I enjoy trails!  It was so nice.  The next obstacle was quick but dirty-crawling through tunnels.  We then hit the traverse wall, balancing while hugging and walking on a thin board.  Hard to explain, but let’s just say my legs are black and blue from this one.

We had already felt like we had been out on the course for forever.  Neither of us expected it to take nearly this long.  We arrived back near the start area for the one obstacle I have a picture of.  My favorite one of all-slide for you life.  You climbed the cargo net and then had to slide back down.  The second one was optional, but we did it anyway.

I believe they were about 20 feet high

Back into the trails for a few more obstacles.  We were still able to run pretty easily and passed several teams along the way.  A climb through spider web-like obstacle, then another cargo climb-this time up and down on both sides, and a few hills and trails later to the over/under obstacle-climb over another wall-crawl under another cargo net.

We could hear the finish area and knew we were close.  I will admit, we were both a bit more tired than we expected to be but were having a blast.  The last 2 obstacles before the mud pit were more intense (of course with everyone watching).  You had to climb up with a rope onto a very tall, skinny wall and then climb back down onto a ladder-like object.  Again-very happy that my arms were strong enough to get me through it.  The last one scared me because there were people falling.  It was called slippery mountain-climb up a slippery board with a knotted rope.  P got over quickly and I listened to someone from the Muddy Buddy staff say to keep your weight back and don’t lean forward.  So I followed those directions.  Unfortunately some ass next to me flew up and hit me as I was trying to climb over.  A few F-bombs were dropped at him for the scare but I made it over okay.

ONTO THE MUD!!  We had to crawl through the mud pit covered in a cargo net, so you couldn’t stand.  I crawled and my arms and legs were covered-but somehow my torso wasn’t.  The photographer jokingly said I cheated because I was still so clean 🙂  But I did cut up my hands and legs so I don’t think it was cheating.

Our final time was 1:22:00. Yes.  For 3.4 miles and obstacles.  Insane.  Take away the lines and it would’ve been under an hour for sure.

the mud looks like spray tan!

Post Race

We grabbed our medals and went to find the rest of the NUUN group.  Jes and Fran had showered off quickly and we grabbed a last group photo before doing the same.  Talk about filthy! 🙂

Team NUUN!
P in the “shower” area

Final Thoughts

We had a blast.  I only have two pieces of feedback for Muddy Buddy/Competitor Group.  I do wish that there would’ve been more photographers on the course.  We didn’t see any and I would’ve loved to have some action shots.  I also wished that they had been more organized with the start and had less people start at the same time-smaller groups would make it better.

But…even with that being said….

(cotton) shirt and medal
pretty sweet bling for a 3.4 mile obstacle race

DO A MUD RUN!!!  We both had so much fun and would do it again in a heartbeat.  Don’t expect to be too speedy-you can’t control how long it takes the teams before you to finish an obstacle.  If you really want to try to be competitive, get up front in your group.  Don’t bring anything valuable with you-I was very glad to not have brought my camera (even though waterproof) and my watch.  Have fun, have fun, have fun.

to the trash they go!

Have you done a mud run or obstacle event?  Would you do it again?


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  • So, did y’all run the whole thing? The two Muddy Buddys that I have done involved half biking, half running and were about 7 miles long. Our waves were based on age, too – no choice for time. I guess things have changed since last year!

    Waiting for 20 minutes for an obstacle is freaking insane. That alone is enough for me to want to try another trail race/adventure race. At least you got a medal!

    • Yep. They had a run/bike buddy combo and just a run team. We chose to just do the run. The bike/run team had a different course- I would assume it was longer.

  • No, I haven’t done a mud run and I’m not sure I want to. I know a lot of people love them and yours sounded fun – but the whole mud pit and wet shoes thing just makes me think, ‘Nah’!! I also don’t have a very strong upper body (although I’m working to remedy that). Congrats on your race and that bling is pretty sweet!

  • I love the race recap! It was such a fun time. Looking forward to doing another run again soon 🙂

  • I love the cute Nuun shirts! I’ve never done a mud run and it’s not really high on my wish list, but your race report made it sound pretty fun (aside from the waiting).

  • A friend won a free entry to a mud event last year, S and I did it with her and her husband. It was fun, the race shirt is awesome (no medals though). I had the same issues you had, big start group, few race pictures and lines at obstacles. I think the cost for it would have been $50 each. I know I wouldn’t pay that to do one, but I would do it again for a free entry.

  • Love it! Glad you had fun! Sounds like you got some scrapes and bruises, but I am glad that is all. I twisted my ankle at the last mud run I did and have been a little shy about them since! I think if my husband wanted to do one, I would totally do it with him though. Fun thing for you guys to do together! Go team NUUN 🙂

  • The Nuun shirts are really cute. I think that’s a neat idea! Allan has been wanting to do one of these for awhile so we are going to look for one close by to do soon.

  • man so i’ve been waiting forever to read this recap. apparently you don’t show up in my google reader anymore 🙁 Luckily i had enough sense to finally just get on your blog. sorry you had to wait in such long lines. Ashley and I started in the first wave, so luckily I didn’t come across that. Glad I’m not the only one who ended up with scratches on my knees!

    • yes, my switch to wordpress must’ve done it. yall are lucky!! that was the worst part of the whole race. otherwise i loved it. can’t wait to read about yalls race!

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