Atlanta 13.1 Winners, Speed, and Rest

Very random indeed that the 2 winners are Atlanta ladies!!  Congrats Keyalus and Barbie!!  Email me so I can send you the code. elizabethkalifeh at gmail.

I did my new to me cross training Monday night.  Can’t wait to tell ya all about it.  Still debating on going back.

I also did speed work on the treadmill yesterday 10x400s at 7:13 pace with .15 mile rest breaks and a 1 mile warmup and cool down.  It wasn’t too bad.  I think I could’ve gone faster but that was my first “real” speed work since who knows when.  Unfortunately my calf is bothering me even more and the soonest I can get into the chiropractor is July 3rd (cause he’s at the Olympic trials-how flipping cool!!?!?).  I have decided to take the rest of the week off from running.  Since I will be at the beach, I may as well enjoy it.  I’ll see how it feels later on in the week but right now, I think I should rest.

Very, very excited that I got my Hood To Coast team and legs….more to come later….

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