Yoga for Runners, Bootcamp, and Flywheel, oh my!

I spent last week in front of the computer for work and did a boatload of cross training and running in my spare time and very little blogging.  P and I spent the weekend in Huntsville, AL and I took that time to disconnect (except for my twitter/fb iphone apps of course).

Some of you may remember I bailed on the New to Me Cross Training in April.  The fear of the injury or overdoing it during the marathon taper made me a little nervous and time just seemed to run out.  So I did promise to make up for it and do two new to me cross trainings this month.  

I think I may have gone a little overboard last week.  They all just kinda happened:
1.  Yoga for Runners:
I was a bit sore on Monday after the 1/2 marathon and I have really, really neglected my yoga practicing.  I haven’t been to a class in months and I have read several things lately on Yoga Online.  So I went for a shakeout run, that was cut short from a big thunderstorm, to loosen up my muscles and hit the yoga mat at home.  I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the video and could find a way to “relax” at home.  The video was a bit short (only 24 mins) but I really liked it.  
a little foam rolling action was included…
2.  Bootcamp:
My TNT coach/friend Lisa has asked me to come to “bring a friend to bootcamp” day for months.  She text me on Wednesday and said the class was the next morning.  I figured, why not?  I have turned her down more than I care to admit so I wanted to go.  Nevermind I had a run and a pilates session scheduled.  Oh, and don’t forget-This class starts at 6am-be there by 5:40.  Lawd what have I done.
This was a “true” new to me cross training.  I have never been to a bootcamp before-I’m not sure about other parts of the country but they are HUGE in Atlanta.  We started out with a short run and some warm up exercises.
We were all then split into groups to do a stations sort of exercise.  Pushups, crazy jumping jacks, situps, high knees, butt kicks, “fire hydrants”, flutter kicks, and more that I can’t remember.  We didn’t just move from one station to the next we either ran laps, hills, did lunges, skipped, etc.  It was constant movement for an hour-all over the wet grass and mud.  I was filthy.  When I pulled out my phone for a pic they asked if I was checked my vm-I had to explain I was blogging.  The instructor happily took pictures for me instead. 🙂
flutter kicks with a nice view of the city 
that’s me in the red shirt-stretching
more stretching post workout 
the whole group-not usually this big I don’t think
We finished off with some ab work and a cool down.  I must say I really enjoyed it.  But, to get your moneys worth for the month that each session lasts-you really can’t miss classes.  And I will be out of town for a week in June, July and August.  Unfortunately a repeat of this workout may have to wait-but I loved it!
3.  Flywheel/Flybarre Atlanta:
Flywheel opened in a little a month or so ago and I have been dying to try out both classes.  Luckily my friend Victoria has been wanting to try it too.  We made a plan last week to try it on Friday.  I told her she could pick which class we took-spinning or barre.  Best thing ever about this class?  It was free! Your first class at both flywheel and flybarre are free to try it out.  Side  note: yes, flywheel is going to be tried out soon too!
the studio-love that it is already set up
Technically I have taken a barre class-but this class is very different than the Pure Barre I used to take. There is more cardio with the strength training.  The class is more intense and less “ballet like.”  It probably wasn’t smart to attempt this class after taking a bootcamp class, running, and then taking pilates.  Oops. To say that my abs and legs are shot might be an understatement.  BUT, I LOVED it.  Each song focused on a different body area-some included weights (I used 1lb and 2lb-and trust me, you can feel it when you use weights for an entire song), some included a band and some included a bar.  Lots of variation. 
pullups/situps to the bar with the band with feet tucked under bar
nice leg workout-slowly going up and down with heels lifted
i look like a blob next to Cara!  Her body is insane!
Turns out the instructor, Cara, has a blog of her own.  She also started 10-pack fitness- packs of classes from different workout studios across Atlanta.  PERFECT for my cross training needs. 
I really enjoyed trying all of the new workouts.  Should I have done all 3 in one week?  Probably not.  Should I have done them all before a race this weekend? Probably not.  Regardless, I got my sweat on, tried some new things and had FUN. 
Monday: Cotton Row 10K (complete)
Tuesday: 3-4 mile recovery run and yoga for runners dvd
Wednesday: elliptical and weights
Thursday:4-6 mile run
Friday: possibly flywheel? 
Saturday: 6-8 mile run
Sunday: rest

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