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Lots of ramblings…so here we go.

1.  I did not know so much mucus could be in one persons sinus’.  TMI.  I know.  But lawd I am ready for this to be GONE.  Most of my family and good friends all said it’s because I don’t slow down and life is catching up with me.  Well, I did slow down this weekend for sure!  I took 2 naps on Sunday after sleeping for 8 hours.  But I did manage to workout…

2.  My plans for last week were totally thrown from being sick.  I “fought” being sick on Monday and Tuesday and caved on Wednesday.  I didn’t do anything again until Saturday (doc’s orders).  It was an overcast, cool morning with light drizzle and the plan was to do 8.  They started out ROUGH.  I did some walk/running up the hills but by mile 5 or so I was in my groove again.  I didn’t really want to stop but my mom was in town visiting and I knew I needed to get back to her and really shouldn’t push it while still getting over this mess.

3.  Yes, mom was in town visiting.  I always get to check some things off my house to-do list.  Happy Mother’s Day to her, right?  🙂  We hung some things up on my walls and worked on my patio.  Let’s hope I don’t kill this stuff.  I don’t really have a green thumb and she says these plants are hard to kill.

hard to see but there are hanging baskets, planters, pots, and new pillows 

4.  Fitfluential is looking for new ambassadors!! I know many of you would be a great fit, so check it out and apply.  It’s a great way to learn more about fitness, meet new people, and promote yourself.

5.  Do you ever have the feeling where you wonder what you are going to be when you grow up?  I still have it and I’m in my early thirties.  Maybe it’s because I am in sales.  
6.  I have several exciting reviews and giveaways coming up!  Hope yall enjoy them….
Monday:  300s (really 400s) weight workout, elliptical
Tuesday: 4-5 mile run
Wednesday: personal training session, ellptical/3 mile run
Thursday: 6 mile run
Friday: Pilates
Saturday: rest/fly to NJ
Sunday: Superhero 1/2 Marathon!!

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