Three Things Thursday

1.  Don’t you want to smell good and feel clean after your workout (especially if you are in a hurry)?  You should enter my Showerpill giveway!!  Some of you may have entered but you may have missed the easiest part of the entry- just tell me how you like to sweat.  I’ve also been holding out on the NUUN discount and I apologize!  I will have a giveway for some NUUN soon, but for now, stock up and save with discount code “bloggerslovenuun.”  You will get 15% off!  Gotta stay hydrated 🙂

2.  Ooh, so pumped.  My gym made a mistake and canceled my personal training before they were supposed to.  That means I am saving money!  I’m not knocking personal training, I actually really liked it.  I learned many different weight workouts from my trainer-I am just disciplined enough to do them on my own.  $120+ back in my wallet.

3.  Super quick trip to NJ on Saturday (back Sunday) for the Superhero 1/2 marathon with Becca and L!  I know you are jealous of my supercool costume.  Thank yall for your help deciding on which superhero I should be!  I think my Team Sparkle skirt makes the outfit!

socks, front of shirt with skirt, and back of shirt has velcro removable cape!

I was going to do way more than 3 things thursday but I have been in training all day (at home) on a conference call and on my computer.  I’m wiped.  I’m a salesperson for sure…this computer thing all day isn’t for me.  Unfortunately I have 4!!! more days of at home computer learnings.  All of you who stare at computers all day get mad props from me!

Do you stare at a computer for work?  Are you racing this weekend?

Good luck to all those that are racing 🙂

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