Three Things Thursday

1.  So I am sidelined.  Till Saturday.  Doctors orders.  Sunday night my throat starting hurting, and then the stuff nose, and then coughing up “stuff” so I bit the bullet and went to the doctor today.  And, as usual, a sinus infection.  I started thinking though, I get sick after every marathon-or at least I have for the past 3.  I got sick in October and in January and now after Big Sur.  I know marathons wear down the immune system and you are more susceptible to getting sick.  Does this happen to any of yall?  Or maybe I don’t rest enough after the race and let my body recover.  Hmmm.

2.  begin rant…

I know I have only mentioned my gym, Urban Active, on here a few times.  First it was when the original trainer/manager called me fat (he is no longer there) and perhaps again when I signed up for personal training sessions.  Well.  The only reason I stuck with the gym in the first place was for the price ($29) and they told me the Midtown location (closer to my house) would be open in January.  I figured it wouldn’t be so bad to have to commute to the gym (it’s not convenient to my new house but was closer to where I used to live) for 6 months.  My contract is up for the personal training in June and the new gym location hasn’t even been announced.  I took the bait on joining the gym hook, line, and sinker.  Looking back, I should’ve never joined.

I still have 3 personal training sessions left.  I have enjoyed them and learned new workouts, but I would rather spend the money on other workout needs (races).  When I asked my trainer to cancel them, he told me there was a $10 cancellation fee.  EVEN WHEN MY CONTRACT WAS UP.  WHO CHARGES YOU TO CANCEL?  Total BS.

I wish I would’ve done my research on the gym because they have terrible reviews all over the country for the way the charge fees, bad customer service, and pushy personal training.  Just thought you should be warned in case you have an Urban Active in your area.  DON’T DO IT.  If it’s cheap and sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

rant over.

3.  I’m taking yalls advice too.  No marathon in the Fall.  Going to work on finding a coach too.  Need to find a fast Winter/Spring marathon.  Preferably in a new state.

3.5  It will be a low-key, non-racing weekend for me.  No plans at all.  I’m hoping for some sleeping in, casual running and pool time.  What about you?  I hope all you momma’s enjoy your weekend and day!  My mom will be here this weekend so it will be nice to have some QT with her.

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