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I know I have mentioned it before, but I have gone back and forth on the entire “hiring a coach” thing.  Since I decided to hold off on the marathon training for the fall, I didn’t really see the point.  BUT…with the Atlanta Track Club membership I have, I get a free coach for 6 months.  May as well take advantage, right?

I met my coach before I ran Big Sur.  I told him what I have said here.  I love getting faster, but I have really enjoyed having fun this spring too.  I also told him that my body was tired of marathon training at the moment (hello heat and summer in the South).  He told me I needed to pick a key race for the fall and all other races would be more training runs, not races.

He gave my body time to recover from the marathon and we made plans to meet last week.  I wasn’t sure what his plan for me was going to be and I found but he wanted to show me drills.  I have followed many training plans, but never done drills or strides.  We did a warm up run (about 3 miles) and then the drills.  In 90 degree heat.  After I did Flybarre last week.  To say I was tired and hot and cranky would be an understatement but I don’t think Coach knew it.

I videoed Coach doing short versions of the drills so I could remember all of them, and figured yall may want to check it out too (pardon the random okays and my accent).  I did the first exercise/drill for 15 steps out and and came back. I “marked” the out spot and repeated each drill to that point and went back.  Repeat for each one (hope that makes sense).

My plan is to add another day of running to my schedule, do these drills during/after a run during the week and after my long run.  I will also do strides after my long(er) run.  Coach hasn’t set a “strict” schedule or plan-no mileage goals, times, speed work,etc.  He says if I do these drills/strides regularly I will see changes-not immediately-but in the long term and it will help with my beautiful heel strike and awesome running form.

I may consider “hiring” a coach once my free coaching is up in October.  I guess it depends on my race schedule though and my marathon training.

Have you used a coach before?  Did it help?  Do you do drills and strides on a regular basis?

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  • A free running coach for six months sounds great. That gives you plenty of time to decide if you want to hire one after that. Nothing like running in the lovely Southern heat in the summer!

  • Wow! Some of those drills look hard! I am sooo not coordinated and could see myself falling flat on my face on some of those last moves lol! Good luck! I have no doubt these drills will help! And I hear ya on the summer heat in the South…not fun!

  • Free coach for six months? I’d definitely take it. I’m curious how they get people to stop heel striking. Pretty sure I do it too and I know it’s bad form, but how do you reverse it?

    • Coach said these drills help. He didn’t say how or why-but I can tell since some of them are like skipping, you end up on the balls of your feet more.

  • Great that you get a free coach for 6 months – that’s a long time! Curious to see what you make of it all. I love your comments during the video – you sound like you are serious, mentally recording and cataloging each drill with certainty!

  • I enjoyed the video! Everything he was demonstrating is on the forefoot. When running the key is for the foot strike to be under you hip and not in front. To help w/this, lean forward from the ankle. With the heel strike, the skeletal system is absorbing the force when landing and this is not good. I joined the In-training for Peachtree offered by ATC and they have some great coaches, all ATC members. A friend asked why I joined to train for PRR when I run 13.1s…….you can never stop learning!

  • I go back and forth about wanting to work with a coach too, and haven’t bitten the bullet yet. It’s awesome that you get 6 free months of coaching to give it a try. Thanks for posting the video. I’ve never done drills or strides, but after watching your video, I’m thinking about giving it a shot.

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