Superhero 1/2 Marathon Race Recap

Half Marathon #20
State #15
12 in 2012 race #7

I flew into Newark on Saturday afternoon to meet Becca and L.  I had not really planned on doing this race, it kinda fell into my plan.  I wanted to run another race with B & L on their 50 state journey and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to make their last 2 so this one needed to be it.  And, I knew that they fly in/fly out quickly for their races and NJ is the one state I am okay with doing that for (used to go for training for work).

I will admit, I planned nothing.  I beat them to the airport and ended up picking up the rental car (that L rented) so we could be on our way.  Our hotel was 25 minutes or so from the airport.  Along the way we passed their fav pre-race place.  Applebee’s.  Dinner was set.

blackened chicken pasta

If you read Becca’s blog, you know they have travel trouble.  OFTEN.  I got to be a part of it first hand-the hotel didn’t have our room available.  After a few choice words were said the guy ended up giving us 2 rooms for the same price so I ended up with my own room.

I didn’t sleep well.  Whoever had the room next to me came home a bit tipsy and was singing Unchained Melody at the top of his lungs for who knows how long.  I drifted back to sleep to be woken again at 4:30am to some sort of yelling and arguing.  I didn’t know what it was about until I woke up the next morning to head to the race.

oh yes. that is a bag with dirty towels and a plunger. EWWW.

Our wakeup time was 6:30.  The race didn’t start until 8:30 and it was only a 15 minute drive but we wanted to be safe with packet pickup and parking.

It all ended up being a breeze, minus the fact that the race directors had the shirts “first come, first serve” and being out of state leaves you with leftovers.  I will say, the RD said to email her and she would mail me the right size.  If this actually happens, it will be awesome but I am not getting my hopes up.

We took in the many, many awesome costumes, used the restroom, and met up with other running friends that B and L knew.

L, me, Becca, Rose, and Liz
L, me, Becca rocking our team sparkle skirts
that green had to have been a hot mess once he finished!
if you ever watched the cartoon Doug on Nickelodeon-you know this superhero!

Time to start.  It was gonna be hot.  Running in cotton…temps supposed to be 75 by the time we finished…

start line.  I should’ve moved up more.

Miles 1-8
Small races usually mean cluster start lines.  Same case here because there weren’t corrals.  It took me a good mile or two to get out of the crowd. Good news?  The race was in a shaded neighborhood!  So far so good.  The race turned off into a paved/trail park.  It seemed to last for another mile or so and the entire thing was shaded.  Score. again.

the park/trail

Coming out of the park I hit the sun and a very mean hill.  Hmm.  Hills.  Didn’t think this course had any.  It wasn’t gradual either, it was steep but luckily there was a water station right after it.

The course continued through on and off shade and through a nice neighborhood, with a few more hills, and with sporadic spectators-which was a nice surprise! They were all super friendly.

The course was a double loop and as I headed back towards the start/finish area for lap 2 there was tons of cheers, spectators, and relay runners waiting for their exchange.  It was a nice way to continue on.  I knew what to expect and it was time to head back into the neighborhood.

nice and shady neighborhoods

Miles 9-13.1
I really felt good until this point.  I was thankful for the shade while running in cotton and the “cape socks” weren’t hurting my feet and my lungs were holding up okay after being sick. I was hoping the trail part of the race would be a good place to pick up some speed and enjoy the shade.  But for some reason my legs started to struggle.  I felt my face and it was like sandpaper.  I could tell the gatorade was weak on the course and the cups weren’t very full but I was surprised I had already lost so much salt (I had several NUUN’s saturday and another one before the race).  I’m guessing it was because of the race time and the cotton.

I usually can get away with eating 1 GU during a race but I always bring sports beans as a back up just in case.  I ate them in the park.  The rest of the race became a mental game.  Just hurry up so you can get out of the heat.  Push for a sub 1:50 and give it all you got.  Although, to be safe (and smart) at the next water station I made sure to actually stop and drink 2 full cups of fluids.  I started to feel better.

The last mile was brutal.  I was out of the shaded neighborhoods and was on a open road in direct sun.  I’m pretty sure I was grunting.  I saw the turn for the finish area and gave it all I had.  I looked at my watch and it said 1:49.  Time to push.

Official Results
Well.  This is where this race pissed me off.  And I asked a question on their facebook page 2 days ago and still haven’t received a response.  They did the rankings by start time and not chip time.  I don’t know what the point of having a D-tag is then.  I mean, I know I didn’t win.  It’s just the principle.  And they use 2 different sites with 2 different times for results.  When I went back to the website with the chip time, they took off the start time (which is 1:49:40). Now my placings are the same on both sites but the times are different.  WTF.  When I originally looked and counted, I should’ve been at 18 in my AG. Again, it’s just the principle of a cluster F.

other website says:

1:49:14 official
58/730 overall
20/231 females 30-39

Garmin Results

hills at 4 and 11. and my “wall” at 10-11.
you can see the repeat course and the unexpected hills!

Post Race
I grabbed 2 cups of water and had hoped to have gatorade but all they had was coconut water.  Not good.  I grabbed a banana (not much to choose from-apple, banana, bagel) and waited on B and L to finish.

post race finish area
yes, this was the finish line.

After they finished we didn’t really stick around.  We headed back to the hotel, showered up and headed out for our post race burger.  So glad that is their favorite post race meal too!  I had my first Smashburger.  Not bad, not bad.

burger and sweet potato fries! I over ate.

My flight was at 3:45 and Becca and L were troopers about heading to the airport a little earlier than they needed.  It was really fun to get to race with them and get to see them again…even though it was a short trip!

Guinness book of world records!
Running with friends

Not so Much:
Shirt situation
chip timing oddness
post race drink/food
late race start time (which lead to heat)

The Bling:
Love the medal.  I would’ve liked the shirt if it would’ve fit.  They also sold capes which were really cute too.  Makes you an instant superhero.

the cape

Final Thoughts:
I did really enjoy the race. I like the small town feel, the theme and we even broke a Guinness Book of World Record of getting the most people in capes (or something like that).  I had a great time meeting up with Becca and L and of course, who doesn’t like dressing up??  Were there things I wish the race would change-sure-shirts and correct timing.  But other than that-I would recommend the race.  You could even make a weekend trip out of it with NYC being so close by.  Come to think of it-it would’ve been a fun double weekend because the Brooklyn 1/2 was on Saturday.  So 50 staters-consider this for next year!  Supergirl is signing off…

yes, our shirts had velcro capes.  And our socks had capes.  We rocked.

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