Cotton Row Run 10K Race Recap

P and I spent the holiday weekend in his hometown, Huntsville, Alabama.  P thought it would be fun to go back and run the 10K he ran when he was a kid.  He also talked his brother into running again, so it would be a bit of a competition for the three of us.

The was the 33rd Annual Cotton Row run-the organization of it kind of reminded me of the Peachtree.  They had packet pickup on Sunday along with an expo.
race theme
my letter was the only one with a line

And, the expo had a $9.99 rack that we couldn’t pass up.  We each picked up a few things, grabbed our race shirts (cotton, but not too bad) and the race instructions.

the $9.99 was apparently a good deal to everyone
never work saucony shirts or adidas tanks-hope they work!
P’s mom made homemade spaghetti and meatballs on Sunday night and we enjoyed relaxing and staying in.  I think I was asleep before 10:30.
We got up around 5:45 to eat breakfast and his brother came over around 6:00.  P’s dad dropped the three of us off at the start and we had plenty of time to warm up enjoy the pre-race festivities.  I tried to put myself close to the front but not at the very, very front.  I didn’t think with the heat and my intense workouts the previous week that I would be setting a PR and figured it wasn’t too big of a deal.
this was at 6:37 am-it only got warmer!
start line
me and P
P and his brother
I loved the tribute to our fallen soldiers at the beginning. Just after this-with gunfire and all-we were off!
the girl on the right is Stephanie from Andy’s season of the Bachelor
Miles 1-6.2
I guess I was distracted by all of the patriotism and wasn’t focused on my race because I realized quickly into the race I forgot to take my inhaler.  So instead of stopping I did my best to get two puffs in while running.
There were tons of spectators for this race!  At mile 1.5 we ran through the neighborhood that P grew up in and his parents, sister-in-law, and niece and nephew were out cheering us on.  It was nice to see a familiar face.  His brother was already ahead of me and I knew he was going to most likely beat me.
I knew the course (we drove it the day before) and knew there would be a big, big hill at mile 3.  The people that live on the street even play the Rocky music as you climb.  I couldn’t catch my breath, had to walk the hill and finally stopped to take my inhaler.
the hill I had to walk 🙁

The last 3 miles were going to be downhill and I was starting to feel better.  I was next to a man for a few minutes (and had been near him at the start) and he started coaching me on how to run.  Maybe he thought I was a newbie because of my skirt?  I wanted to say this isn’t my first rodeo but I was polite and then kicked it into gear.

I was hauling it.  I felt good.  The crowd was fun and I got lots of “love your skirt” cheers.  There were friendly neighbors out with their sprinklers and homemade water stations.  I had avoided the sprinklers for the most part because my phone was in my ifitness belt but around the 5.5 mark I couldn’t avoid it-double sprinklers-I covered my phone as best as I could and enjoyed the cooling off!

The last half mile was tough-I wanted that sub 50 again so bad but couldn’t quite do it. The walking up that hill took up my time.  I heard Suzanne cheering me on at the finish and was glad to be done.

Look at that awesome heel strike. Ha! I love the picture otherwise though.
I caught up with Suzanne and waited for P to finish.  We met up with his brother (who did beat me) and grabbed some post race food.  Which was awesome!!  I had a mini ice cream bar and chocolate milk.  They also had pizza and bananas and bagels but we skipped it and walked back to P’s parents house
me and Suzanne
P about to cross the finish line
loved the chocolate milk and mini ice cream sandwiches


Once again, a race that doesn’t use your chip time to place you.  WTF.  They used the race clock time.  Guess I should’ve started at the very front.  Not like a won, but again, principle.  Oh, and I lost the competition to P’s brother.  He finished in 48:29.

Official Time: 50:27
Gun Time: 50:40
369/2020 overall
11/145 females 30-34
i really like the shirt-even if it is cotton
Garmin Results
I loved this 10K-heat and all.  It was fun-the spectators were great and so was the post race.  They had plenty of water stations along the course and I was never worried about hydrating.  I would definitely run this one again and if you are ever in Huntsville for Memorial Day, you should too!

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