April Recap and PFTW


Miles Planned/Actual:  117 /115
Pretty spot on.  Several times I had planned for a 6-8 mile run and think they were 6 instead of 8.  No big deal to me.  Happy with the mileage.  I know May will be much smaller.

Cross Training Planned/Actual: 8/7
I think I was off on a day because of Pilates.  Again, okay with me.

Races Planned/Actual: 3/3
I ran the Auburn Finish on the 50 10k, The Oak Barrel 1/2 marathon, and the Big Sur Marathon.  I only missed the 5k distance this month.

PR’s: 1 and an AG award!

New to Me Cross Training for the Month: 0
I failed.  With the marathon taper-I knew I shouldn’t try anything new 2 weeks before the race.  It was already that far into the month when I realized I needed a new activity.  Planning on doing 2 new things in May instead.

Challenges Complete: 0/1
Another fail for me.  I don’t know how I didn’t get it all in.  I think, again, with the taper I was spending less time doing weights and just lost track.  Oh well.  This month the challenge is dips!

Current Aches/Pains:  slight pain in my left calf but nothing too bad.

Current Book:  Well,  I finished the other 2 50 Shades of Grey books in April.  Currently reading Heaven is For Real.  But I need a new book soon.  Suggestions?

Current Obsession:  Hood to Coast.  AfterNUUN Delight team.  Planning out the rest of my race calendar.  Sleeping in.

Current Drink: Kona Kola NUUN.

Current Song:  Somebody that I used to Know by Gotye

Current Likes:  No more marathon training, sleeping in a bit, vacations, keeping my job, HTC

Current Dislikes:  the heat, the heat, the heat.  Depleting my vacation fund.  But it was well worth it.

Current Treat:  Hmm.  I am done with those.  I ate and drank way too much on vacation and I am back to clean eating.  No more sweets/fried food/etc.  Clean. Clean. Clean.  If I do have a treat it will be Pinkberry or Yoforia.

Current Excitement:  Superhero 1/2 Marathon at the end of the month.  Planning HTC trip.

I had a great month.  A PR, a AG award, 3 trips, 1 vacation, 1 marathon, keeping my job, being chosen for the NUUN HTC team.

Plan for the Week:
Monday: Cross Train.  Upper body weights.
Tuesday: 4-6 mile run
Wednesday: Possible personal training session, cross train
Thursdsay: 4-6 mile run
Friday: Pilates
Saturday: 8 mile run
Sunday: 3 mile run

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