Woohoo! and PFTW


1.  I am so flipping excited.  I made the NUUN Hood to Coast Team.  Congrats to all the other ladies that were selected too!  I don’t think I have met a single one in person yet so this should be tons of fun!  You can see the list of other ladies here.  And if you want to see some more of my supercheesy awesomeness just watch below.  A big thank you again to my Atlanta TNT friends, P, Allison, Chris, and Kelsey for your help!

2.  I didn’t mention it before because I honestly didn’t want to think about it.  My other woohoo is for keeping my job.  If you are on twitter than you probably already know this but we had layoffs today at my company and while I was kept, some of my dear friends were not.  It’s tough either way.  The industry is forever changing and I am thankful to still be employed.  I have known since December/January that this day was coming and honestly I am glad it is here and over!  We also found out last week that we were the regional team champions and all won a weekend getaway.  I’m very excited about this!

3.  I leave for California on Friday!  Big Sur round two.  I can’t wait to run the “real” course and then head to Napa and Sonoma and drink lots and lots of wine.  Yay for vacation.

4.  Tomorrow is the NYC Marathon lottery. Chance #2 for me.  Did you apply?  If I get in, this might go down as the best week ever.

Monday: 45 min. elliptical
Tuesday: 3 mile run
Wednesday: 3-4 mile run
Thursday: 3 mile run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 2-3 mile shakeout run


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