Weekend Runs and PFTW

Well, I got her done.  But it wasn’t as pretty as I had hoped….
Saturday I woke up at 6:30 to head to “the river”-the chattahoochee to be exact and the park and area that Team in Training usually runs in.  This is one of my regular routes that I do often, so I thought I would give you a peek into my last long run before Big Sur. 
The only negative about the run is that I would be running the same route several different times, but I figured it was okay because at least 10 miles would be with other people.  The route is a combination of roads and trails.
I got there at 7 and headed out to get in 6-7 before the TNT crew started their run at 8.  I knew they were doing 10 and would have course support for that, but for the first 7 I had my ipod, my ifitness belt, and my grape Nuun in my Nathan’s handheld.  It all worked out nicely.
A view of a little pond and the geese-this is actually from the road
pretty sure i shouldn’t take pictures of myself. and my hat is crooked. 🙂
this is what the run is like for a 3-4 mile out and then back. and you have to avoid bikers which sucks.

After I ran out for 3.5 miles, I ran back in to meet the TNT team.  I timed it perfectly.  I dropped off my water bottle just in time to catch them leaving for their 10.  Time to repeat the the same route as above.  Start on road, head to the trails, end up on road again, and turn around.  At least the trail part is pretty!

out on the same course at a TNT watertop.  We even have entertainment 🙂

I ran with Lisa for her 10 miles, left her, and headed back out on the trails.  I was really starting to hurt at this point.  I had eaten my sports beans around mile 9-10 I think.  I decided to eat my GU chomps around 16 just to be safe.  I think they were a freebie from a race expo and I was really glad I ate them late on the run because they DID NOT settle well. 
nice and shady and easy on your feet.  not really “trails” but not paved either.
a view of the Chattahoochee
held the pace I had hoped to for the run
definitely slowed towards the end-which is not the way I like it.  Oh well.

 I finished up in quite a bit of pain.  My legs ached and my stomach hurt.  I made a pit stop at Starbucks for breakfast and coffee and hit the gas station for a few bags of ice and treated myself to an ice bath when I got home (thank you 50 shades of grey for making it go by quickly!)

The next day I decided to go run with P for a quick shakeout run in our neighborhood.  It definitely wasn’t easy, but I felt a TON better after we finished.  We finished at a coffee shop and walked another 1/2  a mile home.

I don’t think you can see it, but the bar put a “fake man” pulling a keg out of the side of the building…
the virginia highlands neighborhood of Atlanta.

All in all, it wasn’t my best weekend of running–but to be really honest, I expected it to be that way.  My longest run of the training comes after many, many 1/2 marathons (5 to be exact) and I think my body is worn out.  I’m really glad I made it all training season without any serious injuries.  Aches and pains are normal.  And now it’s time to taper.  Or what it seems to be to me, eat everything in sight 🙂
Plan for the Week:
Monday: Pilates
Tuesday: 4-6 mile run 
Wednesday: personal training session, cross train (elliptical)
Thursday: 4-6 mile run
Friday: rest
Saturday: Auburn Finish on the 50 10K race
Sunday: rest/walk/3 miles (?)

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