The Ultimate Beginner’s Running Guide Book Review

When I was contacted by Ryan Roberts to read and review his book on beginner running I wasn’t sure what I would get out of it.  I’m not exactly a beginner, right?  Well, I very much enjoyed the book.  It was a nice reminder/refresher on many things.

the cover on the amazon site so you know what to look for

I will say, the book is PERFECT for beginner runners.  I get that question often, “How do I start running?” and “How did you start running?”  Looking back,  my way was by no means normal or smart.  I was just kind of winging it.  Ryan’s book really breaks down every little detail for you-but in a short-and-sweet kind of way.

I loved what Ryan says in the introduction:

As beginning runners we can become so caught up in the details of the sport and getting ready to exercise that we forget that all we really need are a pair of sneakers and some open group to run across.  The term running as “sport” is used very loosely-running is also a hobby, a way to meditate, or a simple way to achieve goals without videos, programs, or expensive gym memberships.  There are three major things to remember, which will be repeated through this book: Use a running journal, either online or paper copy; find a good running club or running mentor, either online or in person; keep running and training as simple as possible.

All very true.  As much as I love my bling and racing the states; running is my hobby, my goal keeper, and a way to let it all go.  And I can tell you that I do use a journal (dailymile), I have TNT and yall as my running club/mentor and I do my best to keep it simple. 🙂

The book is only 5 chapters and is easy to read.  I think that for beginner runners, the first chapter is key.  It goes into detail on form, footwear, stretching, heart rates and breathing (to name a few).  That is the kind of stuff I usually get asked about the most and I think the book goes into more detail than I can usually give someone.

For seasoned runners, I found the reminders on nutrition and injuries very helpful.  I tend to slack off more than I should on my “proper” fueling and it was nice to get a refresher.

All in all, a great and easy read for runners.  Best news of all??  It’s really inexpensive.  It’s $4.99 on Amazon and if you are an Amazon Prime member, it’s free!

This book was given to me but the review and opinions are all mine. 

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