Three Things Thursday

1.  Thank you Thank you Thank you for all of your sweet comments about Hood To Coast and the After NUUN Delight Team!  Seeing as I have never run a relay race and I am not quite sure what I have gotten myself into (other than a ton of sleepless, smelly, fun) my new teammate Vanessa at The Gourmet Runner put it all into perspective with this video. I was entertained by what my non-running friends might think of it because I am not sure they understand-or that’s what they said on Facebook.  And well, let’s face it, all you relay runners, (Alma, Jill, Becca, Giraffy, Lisa) will appreciate this too.

2.  I am leaving at the butt-crack of dawn tomorrow to go to California!!!  Vacation and a marathon.  I’m headed to run my 2nd Big Sur Marathon and then to Napa/Sonoma for vacation.  P is running the 10 mile race and I can’t wait for him to see this course.  My friends Lisa and Jeff are running the marathon too.  We are supposed to be running together but I haven’t decided what I want to do yet.  I would like to beat last years time on the course but I want to stop and take pictures too.  So let’s hope I can do both.  I’ll be happy with a 4:20 or better race and I may end up running on my own if they aren’t up for my goal.  Which is okay too.
3.  I have become the queen of buying running bargain online.  Not kidding.  In this past month I have purchased all of this.
Yes.  2 boxes of Purefit bars, 2 boxes of Earnest Eats bars, 4 KT tapes and Aspaeris pivot shorts.  The bars and KT Tape were active schwaggle deals.  I have also purchased Zensah socks and Fitness magazine deals from schwaggle too.  I love that site.  Let’s talk about the shorts.  Ahem…
Does my hand put the size of them into perspective??  Abbi warned me that after I ordered them to not be shocked at their size.  Well.  I can’t wait to see what kind of sausage I will look like in these bad boys. 🙂  They were 50% and I hope they will help this hip/piriformis issue that constantly bugs me.  I’ll keep yall posted.
Okay!  Blog posts will be slim to none next week!  Only bringing the ipad and don’t know how to convert the pictures over to it yet….so we shall see.  Can’t wait for MARATHON #5!! 
Have you done a relay race?  What’s your best advice?  Do  you online shop for running bargain deals?

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