Three Things Thursday

1. I signed up for Amanda’s 30 days of Fun for the month of April.  I’ve tried to keep track of things I’ve added to my day or changed up to make it more “fun.”  A list of a few things: spent a day reading (I rarely take time to do this and LOVED it), kareoke style dinner making with Florence and the Machine, P and I stopping along the way on our road trip (If you know me, you know I don’t like to stop) and doing as we please, and taking time out of my day to go and hang with some of my favorite kiddos.  It has been nice to really think about my day and plan out something, or take note, of something “fun.”

2.  I can’t remember if I told yall are not, but my coworker and I had a weight loss bet.  We each had to lose 7 pounds by Easter.  If I lost and she didn’t, she had to buy me something from Lululemon, and vice versa.  If we both lost, or neither lost then it was a wash.  Well, I was freaking out because my weight went up last week (only by a pound but when you only have a week that is scary) and I still had 3 pounds to lose by Wednesday.  I honestly didn’t think I would get there because of what I ate over the weekend but to my total shock when I went to the gym yesterday, I did it.  I am the lowest weight I have been since college.  I will never get to my pre-college weight (wayyy too skinny) but a few more pounds and I will be very, very happy.  Lent is over but I am going to try and only eat 1 sweet a week and continue to monitor it.

3.  20 miles this weekend.  By myself.  I know I can do it, it’s just been a while and I really enjoying running with other people.  I think I will try and go to the TNT group run so I have someone with me for a few miles (they are running short mileage this weekend).  I guess 3-4 miles with peeps is better than all 20 alone.

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  • Congrats on the weight loss, what an accomplishment!! I've been trying to drop about 7 too, and one pound really does seem like a big deal when you've worked so hard to get each pound off.

    Good luck on your run, you are a brave girl but I know you will do GREAT!! 🙂 I feel like a sissy, I didn't even want to run 7 alone this weekend and twisted my stepdad's arm into joining me!

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