Three Things Thursday

Race Edition!

1.  Okay, I will admit it.  I have done a TON over the past few weeks.  This weekend will continue the streak.  P and I are heading to the tiny little town of Lynchburg, TN tomorrow to run the Oak Barrel 1/2 Marathon on Saturday. This will be my TN race!  It’s a small race but the medal is from on old whiskey barrel.  Sweet!

2.  I, as have said many times lately, screwed up my training plan by a week and now need to make this my 20 mile training run.  This means taking it easy-much easier than I did in North Carolina the other weekend.  I had originally planned to run with Ashley (her blog is acting up so I can’t link it) and shoot for a sub 2 race but realized that would not be in the cards while needing to run 20 miles.  P decided that he would like to run the race on his own  so I wasn’t sure what I was going to do…until I emailed Jill and found out her goals for the race.  Hooray! Someone to run with!!  I’m so excited to hang out with her again-we met at Publix last year and she’s been out with an injury all of this year (supposed to do Mercedes and RNR Nola and we would’ve hung out then).  But….before the race I need to run 6-7 miles.  The one race that doesn’t start till 8 am and I still have to get up at 5:30/5:45.  Boo.  Our cabin is 25-30 minutes from the start-that’s why I have to start so early.

3.  Lynchburg is the home of Jack Daniels.  But it is a dry county.  So odd to me.  I knew we would be able to do a tour and recently found out they started allowing samples.  Should be fun!  We also have reservations at Miss Mary Bobo’s-supposedly a famous southern cooking place.  Yay for lent being over and being able to indulge 🙂  After the race and the lunch that is for sure going to hurt my stomach, we are heading to Huntsville for Easter.  Should be a really fun weekend.  I’m really looking forward to it.  And having a piece of chocolate of course!

What are your weekend plans?  Did you stick to your lenten resolutions?  If so, what do you get to have back in your life?

For those asking…my NUUN application should be posted soon!  I hope by tomorrow….

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