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I know I have mentioned Owen before, but I don’t think I have ever mentioned his company, Taz Running.  When he asked if I would try out his product it was an obvious, “of course!”  I wanted to make sure a race recap didn’t take away from his product–it deserves its own blog post. 🙂

TazRunning.com is a website where you can purchase race pace tattoos, or print a race plan on your own.  It allows you to adjust the plan to what you need.

Many of my races for the Spring have been for fun and not necessarily for time, mainly because I have never run this many races so close together and I didn’t want to get injured.  Before my training confusion, I told Owen I would use my pace tattoo for the Oak Barrel 1/2 marathon.  I had originally ordered my tat for a 1:53 pace-thinking that wouldn’t be too tough on my body.

I love that it isnt’ too big or too small 
a view of the tattoo on my arm

I decided, after I ordered my tattoo, that I needed to adjust my pace to something a little less aggressive.  With Taz Running, that is simple.  I went back to the site, and adjusted my time.  This way, I had two options available for the race.  I knew I could handle the easier plan and I was glad that I had the option with me during the Oak Barrel 1/2 Marathon (I was also able to hit the second goal).

before I cut it down to fit in my fitness belt

I LOVE the fact that Taz Running lets you print out a pace chart-you can make it into a band, add it to your race bib, or just keep it in your pocket/fitness belt.  In addition to an elevation map of your race, there is one that shows the course that you are running.

If your race isn’t available, it can most likely be added.  Oak Barrel was added for me.

Other favorite things about Taz Running?  You can totally customize/build your own plan or let them do the work for you.  I chose to let them do it all for me-all I had to do is put in my goal time.  You can adjust for altitude if necessary, make manual adjustments to your time goals, and even change up the colors of your tattoo or chart if you would like.

All of it is extremely easy to use and inexpensive!  You can actually print off your page/band for free and the tattoos are only $4.99 with free shipping.

I highly recommend Taz Running if you are looking for a pacing option for your next race!

Have you used a pace tattoo or band for a race?  If not, is it something you would try?

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