March Recap and PFTW

March seemed to be busy, busy, busy.  But I think it was a great month.

Miles Planned/Actual:  119/128.  Hmm.  I thought I would be off by more miles because I messed up my plan and didn’t have my weeks right.  Guess I ran more than I expected but I am very happy with it.

Cross Training Planned/Actual:  7/9.  Having Pilates helps me squeeze in extra cross training that I wasn’t planning on doing.  I’ll take it!

Half Marathons Planned/Actual: 3/3.  Rock n Roll New Orleans 1/2 marathon, Publix GA 1/2 Marathon, NC 1/2 marathon.  Most half marathons I’ve ever done in a month.  1 new state checked off too.  No PR’s, but didn’t have plans to really race any of these.

Other Distances Planned/Actual: 0/0.  No marathons, 5Ks, or 10Ks.

New Cross Training this Month:  Adaptive motion trainer.  It was tough.  Haven’t been back on that machine since the first time I did it…

Challenges Complete: 0/1.  I totally failed at Christine’s 100 minutes of planks.  I don’t even know if I got to 15 minutes.  It’s not like it is that hard-I just didn’t think about doing it unless I was at the gym.  Oops.

Current Ache/Pain:  Just the same hip/IT area and side foot pain that has been bothering me.  It’s not major though.  A light week this past week really helped.

Current Book:  Oh lawd 50 Shades of Grey.  I literally couldn’t put it down.  Holy hot and steamy.  There really aren’t appropriate words to describe this book on my blog.  Can’t wait to read the next two in the series.

Current Obsessions:  My NUUN HTC application.  No seriously.  It is consuming my thoughts and free time.  But in a good way :):) I hope yall like it too!  Also obsessed with our trip this weekend to smalll town TN and Huntsville.  And of course, Big Sur and Napa.  Oh, and finding new races.  And, the beautiful weather we are having.

Current Drink: Kona Kola NUUN and 1/2 orange-1/2 lemon tea NUUN.

Current Song:  Sadly, I don’t know the names of most of the ones I am listening to…they are just replayed on the radio.  A LOT.  I do like that We Are Young song though.

Current Likes: tax returns, paying bills, spring weather

Current Dislikes: turmoil (layoffs) at work that I will know about in 3 weeks or so

Current Treat:  What I would give for frozen yogurt right now.  Thank the Lord Lent is over this weekend!

Current Excitement:  Very much similar to my current obsessions.  It’s all about the running and trips right now.

Yep. March was good.  April will be even better.  Several really fun trips and races planned.  I think I may go into depression in May.

Monday: cross train-elliptical and weights
Tuesday: Run 6-8 with Sara
Wednesday: cross train-elliptical and weights
Thursday: Run 6-8 miles
Friday: travel day
Saturday: Oak Barrel 1/2 marathon plus 7 miles for my 20 mile run
Sunday: rest

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