Jelly Bean 13.1, training, and PFTW

You did see my NUUN HTC application, right??

Okay, back to the point of this post. 🙂 The weekend and Oak Barrel 1/2 Marathon rocked.  The race was my initial choice for Jess’s Jelly Bean Race.  Sorry peeps, no bunny ears here. 🙁  My real race recap will be coming soon, but just know it was lots of fun and I finished in 1:58:30.  I also figured since I ran a 6.2 mile run on Thursday that I should enter the 10K.  55 minutes for that.  But only one pic…

I should not be allowed to take pictures of myself…
You may remember that I had planned on running 20 miles on Saturday.  I, apparently, am the queen of screwed up training plans.  I have decided I do much better when I have a plan given to me.  I don’t like attempting to make it up on my own.  
Point to the above rant is that, well, I screwed it up again.  When we got to our cabin Friday night I realized there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to run in the dark. We were on back roads with no sidewalks (we were in the TN country people, for real).  So I tweeted to see if I would be okay with just a 2 week taper.  All of my marathon trainings have had a 3 week taper so I was a bit nervous to change it up. I had several people reassure me that I would be fine, so once again, plan changed.  
I’m okay with this.  I ran Oak Barrel as a training run and I know I can handle the 20 miler this weekend. I was able to really enjoy the race and will feel better running the 20 miles without breaks (instead of running 6-7 before, driving to race, and then running again). 
So that leads me to the PFTW:
Obviously last weeks wasn’t perfect but hopefully this one will be!
Monday: cross train and weights (already completed 35 minutes on elliptical & 300s in weights)
Tuesday: 6-8 with Sara
Wednesday: cross train and upper body weights
Thursday: 6-8 miles
Friday: Pilates
Saturday: 20 miles
Sunday: 2-3 recovery or rest

Did you do the Jelly Bean?  

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