I’m gonna be a Superhero!

So, I may have signed up for another race last week.  I’m not even sure how or why it came up, I think I was discussing with Becca and Kim what their race schedules were and what I could possibly do.

Becca and her sis L were planning on going to the Superhero 1/2 Marathon in New Jersey.  I’ll be honest, NJ isn’t actually on my list of vacation places and I have been for work training and kind of just wanted to check it off the list.

The flights had been $600 plus for weeks.  All of the sudden, Delta had a sale.  I got a flight for $325.  I am literally flying in on Saturday afternoon and leaving Sunday afternoon.  Very uneventful.  But very fun to be running with Becca and L again!

Oh, so the best part?  I need a superhero costume.  They are going to be Wonderwoman.  But I thought it might be fun to be a different superhero.  So I went to amazon to search and found several options and I need your help.  The only downside to all of them is that I will be running in Cotton/polyester,  not ideal at all but oh well.  It’s only 13.1, right? 🙂

I would wear a running skirt, maybe even sparkle skirt, with all of them and then get the matching socks!  I can’t believe these are even made…
So there ya have it.  My last race that I actually have planned.  Kinda weird to not have anything “big on the books after May.  More to come on that later. 
I’ll keep what I want to be to myself for now…but what do you think?  Who is your fav and who should I be?

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