Auburn Finish on the 50 10K Race Recap

P and I drove to Auburn Friday after work.  Our friends Rob and Chris picked up our bibs and shirts for us and we all went to dinner at one of my old college fav’s, Hamiltons.  Funny, this is a place that my parents had to take me to during school because it was out of my college budget.  Oh, how things have changed.

We had a very low key night got plenty of sleep before the race.  The 10K was set to start at 8:45am.

I decided to do a quick warmup mile or so and realized then how hot it was going to be.  Oh well.  I ran back towards Toomer’s Corner for the start.

a view through the Toomers trees

Once we got to Toomers we waited.  And waited some more.  The race was delayed because 5K runners were still signing up.  And there weren’t any bathrooms (luckily our hotel was close and I didn’t need to go) and there technically was no start line, timing mat (but we had d-tags), etc.  I told P I wasn’t surprised, it is an inaugural race and they probably aren’t sure what to do.

Me and P before the race in downtown Auburn

The Race
All of the sudden we do a count down and we are off.  I was towards the front since I was going to push for a PR.  And I started WAY too fast.  The race started on a downhill and I haven’t paced myself for a 10k since last July.  Oops.  I knew I had it in my though.

As we round the first corner Aubie is there to cheer us on!  That was nice.  But from there on out not so much. It was hilly.  It was hot. I just kept pushing.  I never exercised in college and do not remember this town having hills like Atlanta.  It does.  There was only water at mile 2.  I literally licked the salt off my hands to try and make sure I wasn’t going to get too dehydrated.  I grunted up hills.  I yelled at children to get out of my way (5Kers).  But I finished.  With a mad dash on the 50 yard line at Jordan Hare Stadium.  With a PR.  I think (more on that in a few).

the view of finishers on the field.  see the jumbotron?

There was no water at the finish.  You had to climb the stadium to get out to the “tailgate” area to get water.  Not smart race directors.  And dangerous.  I was seriously cursing everyone.  I went back to get in line for a finish picture with Aubie and while in line I got to see P finish.  We snapped our photo with Aubie and went back to the “tailgate party.”  All water and powerade was gone.  I remember seeing lots of non runners grabbing them when I first went up.  Nice.

me, Aubie, P.  I love me some Aubie. 

We waited and waited for one reason.  I had hoped to place.  I thought that I could.  It seemed to take forever for the results but I felt good about it.

And I was right!  I got 2nd place in the 30-39 female group.  Missed first by 1 second. Not kidding.  My prize?  Yes, a chocolate tiger.  Isn’t that what everyone wants?  To be fair I did a get a $10 gift card to the local running store.  🙂

chocolate tiger anyone?
me, my winnings, and Cam Newton!
dark green shirt.  no orange and blue.  terrible. I don’t care if it’s supposed to be the field.

After finishing with the race festivities we had lunch at Momma Goldbergs, my favorite sandwich shop and then went to the baseball game.  A very fun trip down college memory lane.

turkey delight and nachos.  or, doritos topped with pepper jack cheese 🙂
gotta love instagram

Oh, you want to know my stats??  Yes.  I purposely waited to tell you how I did.  Because I need your help.

Official Results:
44/257 overall
8/142 females
2/47 females 30-39
Garmin Results:
So, do you see my PR issue?  Their clock said 47:20 for 6.2.  Mine said 5.98 (some runners had 6.0 but I didn’t hear of anyone with a 6.2).  Either way this is a PR for me since my previous time was 50:36.  I know courses can run short, long, etc. because of our fabulous GPS watch technology.  But what do you think???  Does it count???  

Football field

Not so Much:
water issues on/off course
timing/start line
race needs to start by 8 not 9. way too hot.
the shirt-its terrible. should be orange and blue.
awards for placing.  chocolate.  no thank you.
5K slower finishers finishing with faster 10k finishers
finishing on 50 but couldn’t see jumbotron
not a certified course

Final Thoughts
When we stopped at the running store to spend my winnings we starting chatting with one of the employees.  The girl at the store explained that the race was put on my a city councilman.  WHO ISN’T A RUNNER.  No wonder there were so many issues.  I have heard that they are going to do this race next year and even add more distances.  This race has soooo much potential.  I think I am going to reach out and volunteer.  

All of those negatives said–I would still run it again.  Yes, I love Auburn that much.

War Eagle.

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