What the AMT?

I’m sticking to my plan!  I’m in my 3rd month of trying a new cross training for Kim’s “New to You Cross Training” (See previous ones on spinning and pilates).

I actually tried this last week and hinted at it in Monday’s post.  Who knew that this machine would hurt so bad??

I’ve eyed the machine since I joined the gym over the summer but I’ve been too intimidated to try it.  I wasn’t sure how it even worked. At first I thought it was a newer version of an elliptical.  But it’s not.

From the precor website…meet the adaptive motion trainer.

Precor decribes it as:
A machine different from any other, the low-impct AMT is designed to work your body and your imagination.  You can move from short to long strides, walking to running, then into deep lunges on-the-fly.  You can create a unique workout every time.

Well let me just tell you, this machine is tough.  I actually found it more challenging than running.  I struggled with my breathing a bit and definitely felt an all-over workout.  I think this is what caused my soreness in my quads last week (we will pretend a 1/2 marathon, fartleks, and weights weren’t involved too).

I went with longer strides for most of my workout and stayed on the machine for about 20 minutes.  You burn around the same amount of calories as you would running.

similar to an elliptical screen 
the stride length lights up as you go along (I didn’t like attempting “stairs” here) 
my final workout stats

Would I recommend it?  Yep.  It is a great change up from the regular ole elliptical and treadmill.  I can’t guarantee I will use it often, but I will keep it in the mix.

Have you tried an AMT at your gym?  Or have you tried a new cross training activity lately?

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