Weekend and PFTW

I was a bit nervous about my long run on Saturday.  I definitely over did it with the race, speed work, a new cardio machine and weights last week. I also had a pilates session on Friday (I chose to drive instead of run-figured legs needed a break), and luckily, it helped stretch me out.  16 was the plan…

Allison’s birthday was Friday so we went out for a fabulous dinner at Rathbuns.  Not really carb-load friendly but I did my best with the ricotta gnocci I got and the bread that was served with dinner.  I drank a little more than normal but I am trying to “enjoy” my training runs and not stress over them right now.  Besides, it was a celebration. 🙂

I met my friend/TNT coach Lisa for our 16 at 7:45.  I was not in the mood.  Somehow I managed to get through it.  I was starving by mile 10 and my mini bag of sports beans wasn’t enough to curb the hunger but I didn’t have anything else-the hunger subsided around mile 14 and I knew I could make it 2 more miles. My legs were tired but seemed to be able to push and support me on a fairly challenging run and I am happy about that.

I enjoyed a much needed rest day yesterday and toughed it out with my trainer this morning.  Tonight we celebrate P’s birthday!!  I’m excited to take him to one of my favorite places in Atlanta, Empire State South (top chef lovers-this is Hugh Acheson’s place).

Plan for the Week:
Monday: Cross train and Personal Trainer
Tuesday: 6-8 mile easy run
Wednesday: Cross train and weights
Thursday: 6-8 easy run
Friday: run to pilates, pilates, run back
Saturday: rest
Sunday: Publix 1/2 Marathon (in Atlanta)

FYI for Moving Comfort bra lovers-they are having a sale!!  Got a Juno bra for $31 with free shipping 🙂

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