Three Things Thursday

Well, more than three…

1.  My AC is acting up and it is HOT in here…Yes.  It is March and I need my AC.  And we are having record breaking heat in Atlanta for this time of year and I am over it.  Luckily my home warranty is covering it and someone is coming to fix it tomorrow morning.

I always think of Nelly when saying it’s hot in heerreee

2.  I finally made lebanese food!!  How can I resist when my favorite cooking magazine does a lebanese dish?  It smelled liked my grandmothers house when she cooked….but still wasn’t as good.  Close though. It has definitely inspired me to work on my Lebanese feast I have mentioned over the last year on here and will finally be attempting more next Sunday.

lebanese peppers

3. Why not cook this Sunday? Because I am heading to Charlotte on Saturday to knock out North Carolina!  I will be picking up the biggest, tackiest, piece of bling yet.  I’m not a big NASCAR fan but it should be fun regardless.  P is very nice and is taking the trip with me so I don’t have to go by myself.  Not really sure about my goals with this one yet.  More to come tomorrow.

4. HTC!!! Woot Woot Woot!!  I am very, very excited about the NUUN blogger applications.  I’ve been working on my plan of attack and hope that my what I am visioning turns out.  We shall see.  I have wanted to do a relay for some time (actually was on a team that applied for HTC but we didn’t get in) but I struggle with the costs of doing a relay vs. saving vs. knocking out a few more states.  I do hope Lisa and Jill know I will do one with them one day, I promise!!  For now, I will apply for HTC with NUUN and see what happens.  The application says the only cost is flight and I have miles…

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