Three Things Thursday

1.  This weekend I will be running my 3rd Publix 1/2 Marathon right here in my backyard.  The first one I ran was my first 1/2 marathon back in 2009 when the race was still sponsored by ING.  Publix did a great job last year and I am looking forward to it again.  The really fun part is the race literally runs right past my condo.  And the most, most fun part is that P just got a bib # and decided to run.

The convo actually started a few days ago when a free bib came up.  I said the race wouldn’t be in his name technically…but he quickly said, “But I still get the medal?”  Ah, a man after my heart.  He’s learning quickly. 🙂

I would like to run with him the entire time but he says I don’t have to because he will slow me down.  It’s technically a low mileage week for Big Sur training and it wouldn’t hurt to take it easy.  And I would LOVE to run the entire thing with him.  So that is currently my plan.  Run with P.  No time goal whatsoever.  Have fun. Take it easy.

2. I joined the Run it Fast Club today.  I’ve enjoyed the blog for a while now (inspired my bling roll that I still need to figure out) and wanted to support the cause and meet more runners around the country. You don’t have to run a certain amount of races or a certain distance, just enjoy running.  And strive to be better-in whatever way that is for you personally.  Pretty cool. I’m member #104.

3. We skipped winter.  For reals.  And it seems like we skipped Spring.  I had hoped we’d have another cold snap before the end of the month but I guess not.  The race directors have sent out advisory warnings for the weather on Sunday because we haven’t had heat like this yet.  I think we broke a record today too.  Yes, it is gorgeous out. But I don’t want to think about how hot and humid it will be in July if it is already this hot…

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