Rest Days and PFTW

This weekend was a lot of fun-recap to come soon.

With that said, my body seems to still hate me.  A lot.  I guess it is still adjusting to the amount of races and exercise I have been doing–which is very frustrating because I want to do more.  I am sore.  Much more than I ever have been.  And not “body aching” sore-more like- “hurt” sore.  But I don’t want to rest.  Grrrr.

I am going to take this as my recovery week (I think).  Less mileage, massage, rest.  Previous TNT plans always allowed for a long mileage/heavier week, recovery week, repeat.  I am going back to that until Big Sur (per Lisa’s plan advice from last week).

From what I can tell, my IT band is very, very, very angry up near my hip bone.  I am hoping that all it needs is a good massage.  Said massage is already scheduled for Wednesday evening.  I am hoping that the foot pain that is still lingering from a few weeks ago is also just muscle pain that Will (massage guy) had found before.  Odd, neither hurt while running.

I have lots going on with work and I will be busy working on my Nuun HTC application this week….


Monday: rest.  yes, I actually did it.
Tuesday: 4-6 easy miles with Sara (whatever she is up for)
Wednesday: upper body weights and cross train
Thursday: 4-6 miles, maybe pilates
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: walk, light run, rest–not sure yet.

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