Dear Legs and PFTW

Dear Legs,
 Thank you for putting up with all I have put you through over the past few months.  I know that I have pushed you to run more races than ever before and it is hard work.  I know I probably should’ve let you rest more than I have done lately, and that was selfish of me.

 Thank you for allowing me to run my 16th 1/2 marathon on Sunday.  You let me run pain free, even after not feeling so hot over the past week or two, and I enjoyed every minute of the race.

 I promise that I will give you a break after Big Sur.  No marathons until the Fall.  Only a few races here and there.  May, June, and July will be a bit more relaxed and you don’t have to work so hard.

 I look forward to hitting the pavement again tomorrow.



Monday: (slow cross train) stationary bike 30 mins, 30 mins upper body/ab weights
Tuesday: 3-6 mile easy run
Wednesday: cross train and weights
Thursday: 6-8 mile easy run
Friday: run to Pilates, Pilates, run home
Saturday: rest, drive to Charlotte
Sunday: NC 1/2 Marathon

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