Charlotte Bound!

When I told P I signed up for this race, he quickly asked, “Why Charlotte?”  Well, I guess looking back the medal looked incredibly enticing in a big-tacky-over-the-top sort of way.  It is also drivable and relatively inexpensive and I just had it in my head I was going to cross off a few states in the early part of 2012 (Thunder Road in Charlotte and Asheville are both in the fall).  So here we are.

Tonight one of my best friends from home will be in Atlanta so we are going to dinner.  I never had any intentions of spending an entire weekend in Charlotte (cost purposes) so it works out quite nicely.

P and I will leave bright and early and make it to Charlotte in time for lunch.  I said when I started this venture that I would try and make a fun trip out of every race possible so instead of staying near the start we are staying downtown.  It is supposedly a cute area with some good restaurants…only time will tell with that one though. The last, and only, time I was in Charlotte I flew in for an interview, interviewed and flew back out in about 3 hours.  I know nothing about this city.  🙂

So, to the goals.  I apparently wasn’t very good at making my own plan.  Thanks to help from my TNT coach/friend Lisa, it is all going to be adjusted.  I want to give myself a 3 week taper before Big Sur.  This means both of my 1/2 marathons will now need to be training runs.  Oops.  The new plan is to stick to a 9-9:30 pace on Sunday and then run 5 miles after the race with P to get to my 18 needed for training.  Not running for time has been a huge adjustment for me but has proved to still be really fun.  Here’s to hoping this weekend is the same!

I wish I would’ve planned a bit more for a creative NASCAR themed outfit, but I didn’t.  I am thinking I will wear my Nike shirt that I got on sale and a black lululemon skirt.

So here’s to hoping that this inaugural race goes off without any issues, I don’t run too fast, and we have a fun, quick getaway trip!

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