Catching up and PFTW

Today was the day I wished I got paid to race the states and not have a “real” job.  Okay, well, that is every day.  But really, today was the first day back from Nola.  Boo.

We had an amazing time.  Recaps to come soon :):)

1.  Yay for bonus checks and tax returns!  I will be working on paying off my debt and saving for Big Sur with these 2 awesome additions to my checking account.  It just might leave me with room for a fun travel race for summer or fall.  I need a new state.  Ready, set, suggestions!

2.  I signed up to do the Jelly Bean Virtual race again that Run with Jess puts on.  I conveniently have a 1/2 marathon that Saturday so it will be a 2-in-1 race.  I recommend you sign up too.  She has several distance options and some fabulous prizes.  Oh, and its FREE.

3.  Previous Hood To Coast Nuun Bloggers are starting to tweet and post on facebook that the applications for the Nuun blogger teams will be out soon.  I’m applying FOR SURE.  I think I may have a few ideas for a creative entry…will any of you apply??

4.  I also applied for the NYC Marathon again this year (2nd time trying to get in) and the Peachtree Road Race (largest 10K in the world I believe right here in the ATL in the dead of summer).  Anyone running either of these??

Monday: rest/drive home
Tuesday: 6 mile run (did 7 miles of fartleks)
Wednesday: Cross Train-weights and cardio
Thursday: 6-8 mile run
Friday: walk/run to Pilates, Pilates, walk/run back
Saturday: 16 mile run
Sunday: 4 or rest depends on how I feel

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  • Ahhh, I need to sign up for JB.

    I'm NOT applying for H2C, I'm running Ragnar SoCal and Nuun is sponsoring our team, so it seems… awkward? Greedy?

    Good luck with the lotteries!

  • I am also not applying for H2C team. I have too much other stuff I'd rather do. As for NYC… this is also my 2nd year I've tried to get in through lottery… MAYBE this year. I've got TONS of stuff on schedule (that I will actually update soon) – so if any of those interest you!

  • I would like to do Hood to Coast (for free!) but I don't know if the whole video entry/blog shilling thing if my deal. It makes me a bit tired just thinking about it.

    I already registered for Peachtree with a friend who has some corporate entries. Whether or not I actually run it is up in the air. If I don't want my number there are 100 other people willing to take it off my hands.

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