Kim was telling me during our race on Sunday that my blog, for some reason, doesn’t show up in her blog roll and that’s how she reads most of her blogs.  She said she gets lucky and finds my posts when I tweet about them.

Coincidentally I stumbled upon a solution yesterday.  I shared it with Kim yesterday and figured yall may like it too.

I may not have the same issue as Kim, but I have noticed a lot of my favorite blogs are switching to wordpress and I can’t always figure out how to follow them (sadly, I still don’t understand an RSS feed).

I also find that I may miss posts if I go out of town or don’t check blogger fast enough.

So here it is:

BlogLovin’.  Yes, that is really the name.

The beauty?  You can categorize your favorite blogs any way you would like.  I have running, food, interiors, and style.  I may even subset the running ones to the blogs I read the most often.  It also tells you which blog posts you haven’t read.  Awesome.

Oh, and they have an Iphone app! (and droid too I believe)

A quick tip:  If you join and go to look at your favorite blogs-click on the “x” in the bottom right corner to close out the bloglovin link.  It will take you to the actual blog page and allow you to comment.

Just thought I would share!  A great way to “one stop shop” all the blogs you enjoy!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Happy Birthday to my sister, Allison today, my best friend Amanda Sunday, and P on Monday!  Lots to celebrate. 🙂

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