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Thanks for your comments on TTT post and my foot issues.  After what happened last week, it got me thinking, who do you listen to when you have training, injuries, etc.?  

Let me back up…
Last week at the Mardi Gras run I met a “retired” college running coach (he now sells running shoes) and previous competitive runner.  He is the one who noticed me massaging my right foot.  He saw how I was standing in my Pure Connects and said that they shoe wasn’t giving me enough support and to be careful.  I briefly went into my running history, goals, etc.  I joked I wanted to hire him as my coach but he said it sounded like I was doing everything right.  He suggested switched into my old brooks shoes (even though they were worn) to see how my foot felt in them on my next run.
So I did just that on Wednesday and Thursday.  My foot felt better-not 100%, but better.
I headed to Big Peach Thursday night to replace my old Defyance shoes.  I didn’t want to risk my foot getting worse.  Because frankly, I am not sure if the pain is from the shoe, if I twisted it when I fell, or if it is just from over use.  
I was paired up with an associate that I haven’t met before (which is annoying considered most of the others know my history and know me by name).  I could tell he didn’t know much about the Pure Connects and tried to put me in the Saucony Kinveras.  I really just wanted my old Brooks again, didn’t want to switch any more, and made that clear.  He then started telling me I was overdoing it.  I was ramping up my mileage too quickly.  Say what??  I just ran a flipping half marathon and marathon back to back (Goofy Challenge) a month and a half ago.  I just ran a half marathon a week ago.  How in the world is 3 more miles going to hurt me this weekend?
Oh lawd.  Here begins my freakout.  I thought my plan was great.  I felt like it was totally doable.  I have absolutely no PR/time goal for my races.  I thought my mileage was fine.  
I posted my slight freak out on daily mile and Alma and Elizabeth calmed me down.  Alma reminded me it may be pain from the fall and not to freak out just yet.  Elizabeth sent me a training plan that is on the same schedule as my race and I am fine (compared it to my plan I made for myself).  I am capable of doing a much harder plan but will stick to the one I have set for myself.
That all being said, I did 14 miles this weekend.  I listened to ME.  MY BODY.  Don’t get me wrong, my foot still hurts a bit in the new shoe.  And I must’ve had my laces too tight because now my left foot feels slightly bruised on top.  I could’ve easily have done 2 more miles but honestly didn’t feel like making P wait any longer than he already had too and didn’t think 20 more minutes of running would make THAT much of a difference.  I felt like I could’ve gone on and on.  
I also spent plenty of time on my feet.  “Time on your feet” is a TNT way of thinking.  It isn’t about the pace or how far you go, it is about how long you are on your feet.  P runs a slightly slower pace than me and I ran 11 miles with him and then 3 on my own-the time spent running was what I would’ve spent on a 16 mile run by myself.  To me, both (time on feet and the feeling of being able to do more) of these things are a great sign.  
I am getting a massage Wednesday and that may be the fix too.  I can tell my calves are tight which could be causing the pain.  I haven’t had one since before Disney-I skipped my “routine” of pre-race before the Mercedes 1/2 to save money.  
Bottom line, I am going to listen to my body.  And to yall.  And to people who know me, my plan, and my capabilities.  
Plan for the week:
Monday: 3 miles and personal training session (completed this morning)
Tuesday: 6 miles
Wednesday: Run/Walk to pilates and back. 1 hour pilates
Thursday: possibly 4-6 miles depends on if I get keratin treatment :):)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: RNR New Orleans 1/2 Marathon
So back to the top of the post…
Who do you listen to?  Do you have a coach?  Do you rely on other runners for all of your advice?  A doctor?

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  • Hope the foot is back to normal soon. I try to only listen to myself but sometimes that is hard. When I start listening to others, it seems to screw me up!

  • I usually have issues with my hips and then I go to "Dr Pain", a sport chiropractor who does ART and is a runner. He understands what's going on and is really good. I follow his advice and so far it was always good. I do have the Brooks Pure Connect as well and noticed I have issues with them a too. I can run in my vibrams for 5-6 miles without any issue but not in the Connect. Weird! But you are right, best is to listen to yourself!

  • I hope your foot is well on the road to recovery in your good stability trainers. Good for you for listening to yourself. My PT advocates for a zero drop shoe and trying to adopt a "barefoot" style but even he keeps a pair of big stability trainers around for those times when his feet are tired, he's going long, or he's nursing some soreness. Sometimes, it's nice to give your toots a break. Certainly you don't need to pay attention to the kid at the shoe store who doesn't know your herstory history. With the base you have and the massage, you will be great on Sunday (oh – as long as you don't get too crazy on Saturday night)!

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