THE training plan

I am a stickler for a plan.  I have always followed some sort of training schedule.  My very first race I used Hal Higdon’s novice training.  I NEVER missed a day.  I put the plan on my refrigerator and highlighted each day as I completed it.

The next race? same thing.  Except I stepped it up, trained with a friend and used the Hal Higdon advanced schedule (adds speed work).

I signed up for Team in Training two months after completing that second 1/2 marathon and was given a plan to follow for my first marathon (it was originally going to be a 1/2 until I was convinced I could do a marathon).  I went on to maintain a base of 10 miles or so and somewhat followed a Team in Training type of schedule (given to me by Lisa) for the rest of my 1/2 marathons that year.

Next up?  Another Team in Training event (Big Sur).  With a schedule.  Sure I added in some 1/2 marathons here and there but they seemed to be on schedule with my long runs that were already planned.  I never had more than two 1/2 marathons in a marathon training plan.

I decided to step it up a notch when training for my fall marathon (Wineglass) and I used the RLRF plan.  Again, I made small adjustments for the two 1/2 marathons I had planned.  I actually started Goofy training with TNT in the middle of the RLRF schedule and once I finished Wineglass I moved straight into that TNT training season and schedule.

See a pattern?  A plan, a set training plan, a schedule made for me.  I always have a training plan!

So that leads us to now.  I’m back on my own.  I have scheduled more races than I am used to doing in a row before a marathon and needed to create my own schedule.  I used a combination of what I have learned from all of my previous training plans.  Schedule cross training, speed, rest, and long runs.

I know things may come up here and there but this gives me (and you) an idea of what I need to will be doing over the next few months.  I am going to post each week what the schedule for the week will be.  That way I  can share with you if the actual plan changed.  
Just a few FYI’s:
I do not have a PR goal in mind for any of these races.  I want to enjoy them all and not get injured.  Going too hard all the time leads to injury and it isn’t worth it to me.

I’m doing speed work to maintain and challenge myself-NOT to PR.  

I want to make sure I run 4 days a week.  May have to cut a cross training day some weeks to get there.

I have two 16 milers scheduled but I may adjust it to a 16, 18, and two 20s.  One of the long runs is scheduled on the day of a 1/2 marathon but it is in Atlanta so I am thinking I will just run to the start. 

So there ya have it.  THE training plan.  The first one I have ever made for myself.  Let’s hope it goes well!  
What do you think?  Have any suggestions?

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  • Looks great, doable and you'll be ready.

    I'm in a similar situation. I NEED a plan but with the races I have scheduled the traditional plans don't seem to fit. I'm on my own and still working on it.

  • Great plan! I'm an engineer and I LOVE and need a plan. The same day I finish a race I already make plans for new races and therefore new training plans. I wish I would be as consistent on doing all runs as you! Good luck!

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