Three Things Thursday

1.  I just ordered my first Team Sparkle skirt!  I went with the green so I could wear it in New Orleans (to match Becca and Kim), for a St. Patty’s race (GA Publix 1/2), and for TNT.  I am excited to see how it looks once I get it.  Their customer service is amazing.  Within an hour of me ordering, at around 10p.m. on Monday night, someone contacted me to see exactly when my race was to make sure I got the skirt in time.  SOOO nice.  It shipped within 24 hours so I imagine I will get it tomorrow.

2.  I am going to try again on my 16 miler this weekend.  Not gonna lie, I have been very paranoid running and I am so scared I’m going to fall again.  I know it will all go away soon. On the same injury discussion, something is going on with my right foot.  I don’t know if I twisted it or if it’s my shoes and I am praying it isn’t a fracture or something along those lines.  When I had my fracture before there was a spot that if you touched it, it hurt.  I don’t have that, so I am just hoping I twisted it…

3.  In race news… I had no idea that the Color Run 5K would be so popular in Atlanta.  It sold out before I could register…so bummed.  Hoping they add a few more spots or I end up finding someone that will sell me their number.  It was going to be my only 5k/10k for the Spring.  Oh well.  Did yall see that Runners World is sponsoring a runners festival weekend and 1/2 marathon in PA in October??  What do you think?  I wonder how many elite’s will be there.  Looks interesting.   Anyone thinking about going?

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