Three Things Thursday

1.  This week has been a bit insane with work because a big VP was supposed to ride with me tomorrow.  He literally just bailed on me.  After lots of prep work….oh well.  I also caught some sort of 24 hour bug yesterday and it really freaked me out for this weekend.  Aside from a few stomach issues…I think I am okay and will be fine by Sunday.

2.  I am running a few of P’s miles with him on Saturday (he has to do 9) and then we will drive to Birmingham.  The plan for the Mercedes 1/2 marathon?  Sub 2.  Hopefully not faster than a 1:50-but we will see what I do.  I am hoping to meet up with a few twitter and blogger friends and I think I will be running with one of them.  It should be fun.  I am planning on wearing a pink and white outfit (a little Valentines Day fun) but the weather may ruin the white skirt idea–it’s supposed to actually feel like winter this weekend.

3.  Lots of comments on the Faux Pas post.  Elizabeth sent me this about the t-shirts.  Pretty funny.  It also seemed like most people wore their medals at Disney but not really anywhere else.  And many of you don’t like to wear your medals because they are heavy.

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