Sidewalk for Breakfast

I had 16 miles planned for this past weekend.  P wanted to run Sunday instead of Saturday so I figured I would run 6 before our 10 together.  But then it rained.  And I wasn’t in the mood to do 16 in the rain.  So we started on our 10.  Around mile 5 or 6 I decided I may as well keep going (rain had slacked off) and P would have breakfast waiting when I finished the 16.  PERFECT PLAN.

Until mile 6.5.


Lead to this:

We were on a nice wide road but many people cut through it-I normally run in the road (off to the side of course) but there were puddles of rain and I wanted to avoid being splashed by a car so I decided to hop up on the sidewalk.  A few steps later….

I took a face plant on the sidewalk and had concrete for breakfast instead.  I panicked but P reassured me I was okay.  He asked if I wanted to head home and I said no way.  I was finishing my 10.  It must’ve been the adrenaline because by mile 9 I was in pain.  My hands and knees were stinging.

To make matters worse, the fear of the “t.v.-like-car-splash” happened at mile 9.5.  The puddle was so big I had water in my ear.  Gross.

I finished 10 and will admit I began to freak and whine.  I hate blood.  P said “You must’ve not fallen much as a kid.”  No, I was a girly-girl and didn’t fall.  I have never even broken a bone.  I played indoor sports and if I played outside it still involved some sort of “house” type game.

Luckily P was a great doctor and cleaned me up (and still cooked me breakfast).  He pointed out how lucky I was that I didn’t hurt my face, that I had on my fitted shorts instead of a skirt (the shorts are slightly ripped now), and that he was holding the water bottle instead of me at that time-otherwise I would’ve fallen on it and could’ve broken my wrist.  I love that he can find the positive in my fall.

eww.  At least I looked like a badass running down the street!

pardon the bathroom shot 🙂 
all cleaned up.  24hrs. later they are still oozing.  more eewww.

P also reminded me that my shoes are replaceable….I was very sad to see them ripped. 🙁

yes, I am nerd. hard to see the tears but you can see one bad one in the left side of the pic.

Today’s workout was cut a little short because I can’t use my knees and hands very well.  At least it forces me to do “real” push-ups. 🙂   I am planning on running tomorrow-hopefully that will be okay…

Plan for the week:
Monday: Cross train/weights
Tuesday: 5-6 mile run at Big Peach for Mardi Gras
Wednesday: Pilates (run there and back)
Thursday: 6 mile run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 16 mile run
Sunday: Cross train/recovery run/yoga-haven’t decided yet.

Have you fallen on a run?  Or are you graceful?  

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