A Runners Faux Pas

My local running friends and I often have discussions about things we don’t do at a race–things that would raise our eyebrow.  I guess you could say, the runner’s faux pas.  There are two big things that come to mind and I see them often-especially at big races.  Keep in mind this post is MY opinion…not meant to offend anyone if you do any of these things…

1.  Wearing the race shirt before or during the race.
We think it is bad luck.  I get that some people are light packers when they travel to races and like to just wear what they get.  I personally think it is a bad omen to wear the shirt so I don’t wear mine until I get home.  Not the day before the race, not to the race, not  race day after the race, not the day after the race at the airport.  That shirt has to go in the washer and dryer before it hits my body.

2.  Wearing your medal post race.
I admit it.  I did it once.  At RNR New Orleans.  My first travel event and I didn’t know that the event was free where anyone could come so I had my medal on to be safe.

Lesson learned.  I do not wear my medal after I have showered post race.  It goes in a safe place before traveling home and being hung on my wall.  I may go straight to lunch after the race and the medal is on then, but no later than that.  I DEFINITELY do not wear it the next day-this means the airport if I am flying.  No, no, no.
I know they may seem silly but these are my personal no-no’s…not meant to offend. 
I will let you in on our little game that we play too.  Count the Boston gear.  Don’t get me wrong, if when I qualify I will wear that jacket proudly.  Every. freaking. day.  But it is really fun to count how many jackets, hats, backpacks, etc. that you see on race weekend.
Do you have any race no-no’s?  Do you think I am a bit crazy for mine or do you agree?

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  • I had my medal in my purse when Brian and I went back to Central Park for the Marathon Monday festivities. I wanted to get it engraved if the line wasn't too long (it was). Since you can't really take finish line photos at NYCM, I put it on and had some guy take a photo of Brian and I. Then we went looking for food in Central Park and I forgot to take it off. When we were passed by a walking tour group, the tour guide said, "And here, we have a New York City Marathon finisher!" He proceeded to give a lot of information about the race, and people gathered around to look at my medal and take photos with me. I felt like a minor celebrity…but after that, I tucked my medal inside my shirt. 🙂

  • I totally agree on the T-shirt. I will NOT wear it before or during a race. I will however wear it after a race the next day if it is especially awesome (Disney Marathon, the OLD hartford half marathon cotton longsleeves).

    The medals though… I totally disagree with. When else will you EVER be able to wear & show off that amazing piece of bling you worked so hard for?? I wore my Disney medal 2 years ago for a week at Disney Parks, and this year my Disney Marathon medal at the park and even on the cruise afterwards. Last year in New Orleans I wore mine on Bourbon Street as an extra set of beads, and after my Diva Half in Long Island for the entire drive home to Massachusetts. My thought is, this medal will hang on my wall to look pretty, but I will never have an excuse again to put it around my neck. I like to feel like a celebrity as long as possible.

  • oh man last year at disney world sooooooo many people wore their medal later in the day. Gosh that drives me crazy. I think another faux pas is being way overly dressed race morning. I crack up when I'm around mile 8 and I see someone dripping wet in a long sleeve

  • amen amen amen. i am with you – that race shirt needs to be washed before it hits my body. And about the medals … I think it is 100% bragging or showing off and it is like digging for a congrats from total randos. Great, you ran a marathon congrats. {wow. that may have been hateful}

  • I'm with you on both counts. And with the medals, these days they are so big & heavy they are almost a pain in the neck if you wear them too long!

  • I agree with both of yours. Would never do either. I read a blog post a while ago on No Meat Athlete. The author listed wearing T-Shirts for really long events to shorter events as a kind of douchey move. The post was intended as humor, but people got a little hot and bothered in the comments. I agreed with her though because I unconsciously find myself doing this. I will not rock a marathon or my 50-miler shirt to a 5K. In fact, I will likely keep all ultra related shirts strictly to trail races.

  • I completely agree on the t-shirt before the race. That just calls for bad luck! The medal I don't think is that bad. I think wearing it the same day all day long is fine. But then it's enough 🙂 I was wearing my wineglass medal on the drive home…for 6 hours 🙂

  • I wore my medal all day once after my first Disney race. It was kind of neat, but after awhile it started to hurt my neck. I can definitely understand the people who want to show off their accomplishment, but that novelty factor has worn off for me. I'll wear the medal until I get back to my car or my hotel, and then that's it. I pretty much agree with you on the shirt except that I might wear it after the race before it goes in the washer.

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