PureFit Nutrition Bars Review

I was excited when PureFit sent me samples of their bars for me to try and review.  I think I have tried every bar on the planet.  I love keeping them around for pre-run snacks or mornings that I am running late don’t feel like making breakfast.

yes I cheated and ate one before I took the picture 🙂

I was very surprised to find out there is a bar that is:

High in Protein

All Natural 

Kosher and Vegan

Non Dairy

Low Glycemic

No Hidden Carbohydrates

No Artificial Sweeteners

No Wheat or Gluten

And those are just the highlights I found to be important.  To be honest, I wondered how in the hell a bar could taste decent having all of those features.  My expectations weren’t high.

I was pleasantly surprised.  They bars are still chewy and not too dry.  They also kept me full…which is, I will admit, hard to do–especially since it is just a bar.

My flavor preference in order most to least:

1.  Almond Crunch
2.  Granola Crunch
3.  Peanut Butter Crunch
4. Chocolate Brownie
5.  Berry Almond Crunch

I really liked the flavor options.  They were very true to their name-they weren’t bland at all.   I would almost put the almond and granola as a tie.  I didn’t think I would like them more than peanut butter or chocolate but I did.  And the berry one just wasn’t for me.  Not really a berry flavor fan.

I would definitely recommend these and have already started my purchase….

Because they are currently a Schwaggle Deal!!  If you are an active advantage member you get an additional 30% off.  So i paid $17.50 for $50.00 of product.  I can’t wait to order mine.  If you hurry you can get the Schwaggle deal too.

If not, you can use code: PROMO25 for 25% off of your order at Purefit.com

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