I love my haircut.  I love my bangs. They are not exactly ideal for running though.   
Depending on the season and the activity I have found many solutions to keep my hair out of my face.  I like to wear hats and/or bands. If you have been reading for a while you know that I have used Sweatybands in the past-I’m pretty brand loyal but I was given the opportunity to use Chica Bands in my 12 in 2012 quest.  And I love them!  I’m officially a convert. 🙂
You probably didn’t notice in my posts over the month so I thought I would show you again…

it’s skinny metallic so you can’t really see it…
notice the beanie on the counter-I wore the same metallic band under it for the mercedes 1/2 
see? can’t see it, but it is holding my bangs back and hair in place
Zebra band at the Mardi Gras run the other night

I use them for pretty much any workout-pilates, personal training, elliptical, running…and to be honest, on lazy days when I haven’t washed my hair yet and just want to throw it up in a knot, they are perfect for keeping my bangs back too. 

I highly recommend them!  You can get yours here.

Do you have hair issues when working out?  What is your solution? 

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  • I'm not very adventurous when it comes to trying prints and patterns, but the zebra print band is really cute on you! Unfortunately that style of band doesn't really work for me so I use the wider ones like Bondi Bands at the gym and when I run outside I wear a hat.

  • I'm so bad with my hair, I have very thin hair and always wear a ponytail. I wish I would better in preparing for them for a night out, but I end up doing my ponytail again. Oh well! I like your hair cut!

  • I like your haircut! Headbands and I are generally not friends. I can wear a BondiBand as long as it covers my ears. I did win some Chica Bands recently though and I haven't run in them so we will see how they do!

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