The F’s of the week

I know I have a potty mouth..but I meant Fat Tuesday and the forty days in Lent…

I grew up in Mobile, Alabama where we claim the ORIGINAL Mardi Gras.  If you want “clean” family-friendly fun-this is the Mardi Gras for you.  I haven’t made it back home in two years-mainly because I run RNR New Orleans and it’s always so close to Mardi Gras I don’t feel like making that trip south that often.    I always miss the days of having the week off of school (or work) to party. 🙂  It’s the big celebration before Lent.  
revelers throwing their goods! 
pic from several years ago-obviously-pre bangs :):)

the floats are always sooo good!
I miss the moon-pies, the beads, the balls, the floats, the parades and the king cake! 
Luckily, my favorite running store Big Peach was having a Mardi Gras themed fun run last night.  I conned talked my friend Kelsey into joining me. 
When we arrived they had beads!!  There was a group of 20-25 people or so and we headed out for a three mile run.

me and Kelsey-yes, I ran in the beads-it was only 3 miles! 
the group about to head out

When we got back beer and cake awaited us!  Turns out the store manager is from New Orleans and had his mom ship the cakes up to Atlanta.  They tasted like home. 🙂  Side note-I refuse to buy one at a grocery store here because it’s not the same and it, in my opinion, is cheating.

amazing.  I didn’t get the baby though.

Today begins the start of Lent.  I enjoy this season.  It brings me back to what is important and puts a focus back on religion/church/God for me.  I am giving up all sweets and fried food for Lent.  I will admit, I have 2 scheduled cheat days.  Cafe du Monde in New Orleans for the race and P’s birthday.  That is it.  I know that sounds crazy but I am pre-planning them so I think that is fine. 🙂

This will be really hard this year-I will admit I ordered girl scout cookies and I will have to stare at their boxes for 40 days.  I also love a good burger and fries post long run/race.  I have a ton of those runs scheduled in March.  Should be interesting but great for my waistline that I forever complain about!

Have you ever been to Mardi Gras?  Had King Cake?  Are you giving anything up for Lent?

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