February Recap

This month flew by!  I’ve enjoyed reading other bloggers monthly recaps so here is mine.

Miles Planned/Actual: 110/107  Wow.  Thought I would be way off my goal but ended up being okay.  Did a few more weekday runs than planned and only doing 14 instead of 16 last weekend didn’t make that much of a difference.  Happy with this.

Cross Training Planned/Actual: 9/9  This was a mix of spinning, elliptical, stationary bike, pilates, yoga, weights, and personal training.  Love that I have a mix.  Some days I get to do both!

Half Marathons Planned/Actual: 1/1  Mercedes 1/2 Marathon.  Loved it.  Easy, low key, inexpensive and fun.

New Cross Training this month: Pilates.  Love it.  Our schedules didn’t sync this week but I will be back at it next week.  3 classes so far.  I definitely recommend it.

Challenges Complete: 2.  Fab Ab February.  If I missed a day, I made up for on another.  I actually only skipped 2-3 days and that isn’t too bad.  I also completed Christine’s monthly challenge–400 push ups in the month of February.  I can now do 45 “real” push ups!! Woo Hoo!!

Current Ache/Pain: Still healing from my fall and my hand wounds are infected (eww).  The pain in my right foot was a slight sprain from twisting it wrong I think.  I had a massage today and he hit a muscle and knew exactly what caused it.  Assume it was from the fall.  He also said it was okay to run.  I don’t feel any tightness or pain anywhere after an almost 2 hour massage!!

Current Book:  A book I will be reviewing on running soon…

Current Obsessions: RNR New Orleans this weekend, planning the rest of my trips, possibly switching to wordpress, the new runningskirts.com skirts, my bonus check, and a test I have to take for work when I get back from Nola.

Current Drink:  Grape Nuun and Grande Americano with cream.

Current Song: So lame.  I have nothing new.  I just listen to Adele over and over again.  I did download a few new songs for my shuffle for Mercedes but I don’t even remember what they were.

Current Likes: my bonus check, traveling, and P

Current Dislikes: my mortgage.

Current Goal:  To NOT PR at any race in March and to have tons of fun at all of them!  I can’t wait to run with Kim this weekend.  She has a sub 2 hour goal.  Also, to have a blast on vacation and stop stressing so much about work.

Current Treat:  🙁  No treats until after lent (well, except for Cafe du Monde this weekend).  Boo.  Th plus side is have now lost a total of 4 pounds in 3 weeks.  Can’t complain there.  My treats are now shopping.  And I shouldn’t do that…

Current Excitement:  I tweeted 2 more works till Nola this morning. Think I am excited?  Oh, and my bonus.  Who wouldn’t love that??

Overall a fabulous month.

If you noticed above, I am obsessing over a change to wordpress.  I will be honest, I am not sure if I should or not.  I worry that people won’t “follow” me over there.  I bid on a switch over for $50 at a TNT silent auction this weekend.  I have had quotes that would be well over $200 to switch.  Anyone else thought about doing this?  Or have you done it already?  I just wonder if the user interface is as friendly and if it gives more page options than blogger….

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