What will 2012 bring??

I think I have said it before…I don’t like resolutions.  I don’t have a lot of things I need to give up or change.  I am pretty happy with my life.  I do however like goals. But I am keeping it simple this year.

1.  Enjoy it.
  Last year I put a lot of “speed” pressure on myself and PR’d in 3 different distances.  Awesome?  Yes.  Exhausting?  A little.  It is hard for me to even think about speed while finishing up with Goofy.  And on that Goofy note, I will take a short break from TNT.  I have mentored/captained back to back events and need a little time for myself.  If I want to run at 2 in the afternoon instead of 7:45am, I will be able to. I REALLY look forward to that.  Bottom line?  No set PR goals (at least until after May) and free to run on my own schedule.

2.  Knock off a few more states. 
  TN (Oak Barrel), FL (Goofy) already planned.  Most likely NC too.  I hope I can do more but that will all depend on my personal goal below.

3.  Beat last years running miles.
  1,160 or more. Shouldn’t be hard.

4. Get back to yoga.
  Easy as that.  I have let it fall to the wayside.  Will also depend on personal goal below or find a place that offers free classes (other than Lululemon on Sundays)

5.  Run 12 1/2 marathons.
  Yikes.  Sounds scary but I am breaking the year into 2 parts.  I am a part of Jill’s 12 in 12 group.  If it ends up being 10 1/2 marathons and 2 marathons, I am okay with that.  Here’s to hoping I stay healthy!!

1.  Get out of debt.  AGAIN.
  I’ve said it over and over, but the condo got me.  My mortgage is double what my rent was.  I had already planned races and paid for them before I had even planned to get the condo.  I got used to my lifestyle while renting–lots of extra spending money.  The condo and trips have put me back in debt.  So, in order to get my life on track, I can’t travel to as many races as I would like.  Most have to be drivable until I can get my finances where I want them to be.  Basically, I just need to be responsible again.

I need one of these….

2.  Stop shopping.  
After my beautiful closets were completed, I realized I shop.  A LOT.  New rule?  Only buy it if I NEED it.  If I buy something, I must donate something in my closet.  This means just saying to NO the many fabulous things at Lululemon and Runningskirts.com and J. Crew.

3.  Plan a budget.
  After living in my place for 6 months, I have an idea of my bills, expenses, etc.  I WILL start keeping track of what is spent and put a plan in place to fix #1 on the personal goal.  My running and home decorating can’t just be put on a card.  They need to be planned.

There ya have it.  To sum it up:  let the running be fun and be more money conscious.  Easy.  Right?

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