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The Disney posts have taken lots of my time-I was waiting on the pictures I ordered-so I apologize for the delay.  Hopefully the marathon will be complete this afternoon.  I am recovering nicely, even after getting sick last week.

So….to the point of THIS post…

We all know I LOVE Zensah products, right?  I have 1 pair of arm sleeves, 3 pair of compression socks, and 4 pair of compression sleeves.  And, well, I would love to have more.  I have used Zensah for every single race I have run except for my very first 1/2 marathon (because let’s be honest, I didn’t even know what compression meant at that point).

So I entered a contest on Facebook.  To win more ZENSAH!!  Please go vote for me here.  🙂  And thank you.

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  • I'm a recent convert to racing in compression sleeves. I wore them for the first time in the hilly KC half because I wanted to test drive them before NYC. My motivation there was initially for being able to wear shorts and still staying warm, and having something fluorescent on so my family could find me, but I definitely think there are speedy recovery benefits. Bought my second pair this weekend – the tie-dye ones I showed you, in KU colors! 🙂

    But I haven't worn them in a warm weather race yet – do you overheat with them on?

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