Three Things Thursday

1.  I’ve been in Dallas all week for a work meeting.  And when I say Dallas, I really mean the airport. Our hotel is not exactly awesome and is pretty much attached to the airport.  Consequently, I have had to run in a parking garage.  Yes, a parking garage.  The hotel says their “running path” is 4.5 laps=1 mile on the top level of the deck.  I’ve been able to squeeze in 3 workouts (3 runs and some weights) and got to do all 3 with coworkers which was nice.

2.  I think I have fully recovered from the Goofy Challenge.  I haven’t wanted to push the mileage just because I feel okay, I have wanted to play it safe and avoid injury.  I have never had as many races back-to-back as I do this Spring and didn’t think it was worth pushing it.  I will share my training plan soon–its different than the structure that I am used to-but it’s been nice.

3.  Last weekend I ran with P for his longest run ever.  I’m excited to train with him again this weekend.  I enjoy running with him and seeing him accomplish his goals!  I can’t wait until RNR New Orleans and seeing him finish his first 1/2 marathon (he says I’m too fast and to run my own race so we won’t be running it together).

3.5  I’m down by 30 or so votes in the Zensah contest….I would love your VOTE!!  Thank you :):)

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