Three Things Thursday

Disney Style!! And checking FL off the list!!

1.  I have a plan for this insane GOOFY challenge.  To have fun.  My goal is to be 2:00 or longer for the 1/2 marathon–which I have never done.  And I will admit, may be hard on my ego.  I pride myself on going fast.  But if I am around 2 hours, I will be happy.  That will mean I took my time.  AND it will give me something left in my legs for the marathon on Sunday.  Same for this race-no plan.  Have fun.  Run with teammates.  I’m guessing a 4:30ish time frame?  Maybe longer?  And I want to take lots of pictures!!

2.  I haven’t been to Disney since I was 4 or 5.  I am very, very excited.  Since I am the Captain for the TNT team, I am responsible for booking some sort of relaxing entertainment…so…I booked a character breakfast at ‘Ohana!  We are having breakfast with Mickey, Goofy, Lilo, and Stitch tomorrow morning.  I also bought a park pass and hope to go on Sunday-it will be good to keep the legs moving and I hope to make it “It’s a small world” and the “tea cups” just for memories sake.

3.  I know a ton of people will be down there and I know I will be busy with TNT but I do I hope I can see some of you!  Please let me know if you will be there!!


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