Officially GOOFY

Just so yall know….I’m officially GOOFY!

Recaps to come soon!  I think my body is worn down and I am trying to fight off a cold so it may take a few days to get them written and posted (and I am waiting on pictures).

In the meantime, a few other updates.

I received this medal in the mail for running the Lousy 5K.  I didn’t participate in a ton of virtual races last year (I am terrible about printing off bibs and remembering to post about it) and this one only required saying you did the run and the money raised went to my favorite charity, LLS.  Pretty sweet.

I also received this AWESOME bag of goodies from Brooks Running.

I have run many Rock ’n’ Roll events but never had to chance to be VIP with Brooks (clean, running water, porta potty).  Since RNR Savannah was close enough to local for Atlanta, I purchased my shoes right before the race and got a sticker to get the VIP entry.  Well, the porta potties were broken that day.  Brooks was pretty awesome and reached out to its customer base and said if you were there, fill out this form–we are sending you an apology.  I didn’t think much about it, filled out the form and then this bag arrived this weekend.  In my opinion, Brooks went above and beyond.  Another VIP sticker for another race, a bag, reflective bands for night running and a winter running cap.  Wow.  I have been running in Brooks for 2 years or so now and will continue (I would anyway-I truly love their shoes).  They really do take care of their customers.  I love their brand.

Who is your favorite running company?  Anybody else race this weekend?

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