New to Me Cross Training

Well.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute, right?

I took Kim’s Challenge to try a new-to-me cross training each month.  The month of January has been a little crazy with the Goofy Challenge and then a week in Dallas for work.  I realized on Saturday that I only had a few days left to complete this…Sunday morning was open and I had nothing to do.  So I checked my gym’s class schedule for the one thing I have put off for quite some time.


I haven’t been to a spin class in 6-7 years I think.  I can’t remember why I stopped going exactly, but I did. I think it was because I left the gym and didn’t join another gym until I rejoined the same gym 4 years later.  When I did rejoin, I was very much into running and just doing Body Pump and Yoga.  Well, I left that gym in February and have avoided the classes at my new gym like the plague (no reason really other than scheduling).

I tried to get to the gym a little early to see what this bike thing was all about.  This is what I found.

These bikes are much more fancy than the ones I used years ago.  The class instructor was showing a “bike how to” video as I was walking in but I missed the beginning and must have done a few things wrong.  I still had to have the instructor help me on my seat adjustment (never got it before, still don’t get it).  I will admit, I was not excited about this class at all.
Then the music started.  Whoever made the playlist.  ROCKED.
The class flew by, even though I didn’t really know what I was doing.  I am never sure how much of a load to put on the bike when the instructor says to add some resistance.  The class was 45 minutes and the instructor said you burn around 600 calories.  I wasn’t sure if the 19 was miles or kilometers but after entering it on dailymile it has to be kilometers.  Regardless of the confusion of the resistance, miles vs kilometers, and the bike itself.  I will get the hang of it.  
Yes, you read that right.  Even though my womanly parts are a bit bruised from the seat, I will be back!!  Thanks Kim for motivating me to try something new.  I’m already looking forward to February.
Side note to any of you Real Housewives of Atlanta fans-Phaedra was in my class too!  No cameras but she definitely had on a bit of makeup-not her full face-but more than one should have on at 9:30 on a Sunday.  :):)  

Any suggestions for February?  What’s your favorite way to cross train??

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