My First DNS

I should be on my way to Miami today for the ING Miami 1/2 Marathon.  This was going to be my bib number.  

I could’ve met Ryan at the expo or race.
I could’ve had this amazing piece of bling.  
But, alas, I am not going to be there and will not meet any famous runners or get any fabulous bling.  Right before the holidays I made the wise decision, after figuring the cost for P and I go to Miami (around $1500 just for hotel and flights-doesn’t include food or fun), to back out of the race.  I only lost $55 from my race sign up.  I signed up last March at a race expo long before I knew Disney was going to be my FL race.  I could’ve done both, but I am really glad I decided to back out.  
So sadly, this is my first DNS.  I won’t be in Miami.  I will be in Atlanta.  Approximately 658 miles from the start line.   And I guess it is a good DNS.  It isn’t because of sickness or injury.  Just my wise ways of attempting to save saving. 🙂
To all of you racing this weekend (especially those in Miami), Good Luck!

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