My C.O.R. 2011

I’m almost scared to add all of this up and to put it all out there.  Here goes nothing.  And an open book to my race spending habits.

This is all pretty much a guess.  I can go back and find some things in bank statements but the rest is an estimate.  Which means it is probably more.  I have already started a spreadsheet for this year and will add things in after each race.  I am hoping that by driving to several races to states I have been to many times and shortening the actual race trips will cut back on costs.

What started out as something free (other than running shoes and workout clothes) has quickly become a very fun expensive hobby and a way for me to see the country.  I do look forward to finishing all 50 states one day. 🙂

Resolution Run 10K: $30 race fee

First Light 1/2 Marathon: $40 race fee
(stayed at home, company car, cooked)

Rock n Roll Mardi Gras 1/2 Marathon: $75 race fee
2 nights hotel (split with sister): $150
guessing on this but for food, booze, souvenirs $100
Total: $325

Publix GA 1/2 Marathon: $65
Pasta dinner: $25
Run ga t-shirt: $20
local, stayed free
Total: $110

Big Sur Marathon: fee with TNT
Race souvenirs: $30
Food: $100
did go on vacation after this trip but not including that as race fees
Total: $130

Summerfest 5K: $25

Father’s Day 4 Miler: free because of Atlanta Track Club membership

Peachtree Road Race 10K: $50

Rock n Roll Providence 1/2 Marathon: $55 race fee
Hotel (split with Rob 3 nights): $375
Transportation around city: $100
Food: $100
booked flight with points
Total: $530

Park City 1/2 Marathon: $40 race fee
Food, Misc. : $125
booked flight with points and had a free place to stay
Total: $165

Wineglass Marathon: $70 race fee
Flight: $300
Hotel (split with Rob 3 nights): $350
Food: $100
Souvenirs, tours, misc: $100

Rock n Roll Savannah 1/2 Marathon: $55 race fee
Hotel: $627
Food: $60
Souvenirs: $37
Total: $779

Veterans Day 11K: $30

Atlanta Thanksgiving 1/2: $65 fee
local race.

Overall Medal Engraving:  $100
Overall Pictures: $150

Insane grand total: $3,379.00

Like I said before, I am SURE it is probably more than this.  You can now see why I put myself back into credit card debt.  I am sure some of you found ways to race much cheaper than I did.  BUT I really enjoyed myself.  I extended trips and got to do more in each town than just stopping in for a race and leaving.  This was my original intention on states I have never been to and probably won’t go back to-so I am glad I did it that way.

Bottom Line?

3 PR’s + several great destinations + 5 new states + memories to last a lifetime = Priceless

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