Disney World Marathon Race Recap


Marathon #4

Sara and I were up again at 2:45.  The point of “WTF am I doing” was setting in.  I was tired.  We got ready and went to meet our TNT team at 3:30 to take pics and get on the bus to head to the start.

The GA chapter Disney Marathon and Goofy team

After the chaos at the start for the 1/2 marathon, we made a plan as a group to do our own thing and not try and stay together.  My plan for the race was to run with Sara and Lesley, another TNT teammate who was running her first marathon.  We made our way towards the start, much faster than the day before, and hit the last set of porta potties before heading to our corral.  Lesley didn’t have an A corral so we were starting in C.  We probably sat in our corral for 30 minutes or so before starting.

Same routine as the day before, a message from Mickey and the gang, fireworks, and we were off.  The plan for the day was again, to have fun.  A sub 5 hour marathon would be fine for me.

fireworks before each wave

Mile 1-13.1
This race did not start off pretty.  It was obvious to my body that I was tired and that I had just completed a 1/2 marathon the day before.  Sara wasn’t feeling great either and Leslie was having stomach issues.  All within mile 2.  I quickly realized the course was different than the full and there would be much more time spent running on the interstate.

We didn’t stop for pictures at all in the beginning-Leslie didn’t really care and Sara and I had already seen this set of characters.  We maintained a pretty steady pace and focused on avoided “traffic” on the course.  It seemed much more crowded (guessing because we were back a few corrals).

We ran in and out of Epcot quite quickly-probably around mile 4-5.  We headed back out on to another interstate.  I just tried to keep us all positive.

At mile 8, Leslie needed a bathroom and Sara needed an aid station for a blister.  Luckily, they were both at the same place.  I just stopped and waited with them.  I took a GU around this point in the race.

By the time we made it to the Magic Kingdom, we were having more fun.  There were new characters out and we stopped at the longest line around mile 11 for Cinderella, Prince Charming, and the Stepsisters.  Very much worth the wait. 🙂

Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Stepmother and Stepsisters…and us 
Lesley, Me, Sara in front of the castle 
terrible form and arms in the air 🙂
with Alice and the Mad Hatter

 Another long stop was for a pic with Donald and Goofy and then with Tigger, outside the Polynesian.  Based on my Garmin, this was around mile 13.

I think Pooh was taking a break-but here we are with Tigger 
Love this pic with a golfing Donald and Goofy 

Miles 13.1-20
Is it crazy to say that it took me this long to get in my groove?  I was feeling pretty good at this point.  We ran into our coach Lisa and stopped at two photo opps with the villains and then another with Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean gang.  I could tell that both Leslie and Sara were not at a good point in the race and we made sure to take a salt (I had another GU).  The sun was out and it was definitely warming up.

Leslie, Sara, myself and Lisa…trying to look scared.  Not so sure it worked 🙂
Sara, myself, Leslie and Lisa with Captain Jack and a pirate

The course was pretty dull until we approached Animal Kingdom.  And you definitely know you are approaching it by the smell….eewww.  But Animal Kingdom is just what we needed to add a little pep and cheer action.  The park was opening at this point so it was nice to see so many people out.  We actually had to work on slowing down and saving energy.  Sara (would admit) at this point, she had definitely hit a wall and was struggling.  I was doing all I could to turn it around for her and remind her about her dad’s battle with cancer.  If he can do chemo, we can do this.  It worked.

With Safari Minnie Mouse
Rafiki from the Lion King-love him! Surprised no professional photog at this one.

Miles 21-26.2
Interstate again.  The only perk is that you ran somewhat of an out-and-back and passed runners on the other side for a good mile.  A great cheering opportunity. 🙂 No photo opps-but plenty of TNT coaches to check on us.

We arrived at Hollywood Studio’s and, again, this was just the boost we needed.  We didn’t stop for any photo’s-I think Leslie and Sara didn’t care at this mile and I personally didn’t want a pic with the characters from the Incredibles or Up (haven’t seen either movie).  I enjoyed running through the area where they make all the costumes (apparel merchandising major in college) and seeing some of the old costumes from movies displayed.

We also received chocolate.  I inhaled those 2 pieces.  I usually skip the GU’s and food on the course but I couldn’t resist.

The next few miles were a blur.  It seemed like we left Hollywood Studio and immediately ended up in Epcot but in reality, the crowds were just that good.  It seemed like they never ended from mile 24-26.2.  I was so excited to spot Carolina, a teammate that ran the 1/2 marathon.  I was almost in tears when I saw her and her fabulous sign.  I believe she was at mile 24 or so (near the Boardwalk hotel).

We ran past the Boardwalk hotel and into Epcot.  All of the sudden there were more characters!  I knew we would be at a sub 5 race and we should enjoy the last mile.  Not to mention it was all of the princesses.  So, like fools, we stopped on dead legs for photo opps.  Leslie was really quiet at this point and I could tell she was tired but she was a trooper for sticking with us.

with Aladdin and Jasmine
with Belle 
and Snow White
and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)  

We hit the last loop that was like the finish of the 1/2 and I knew we were almost done.  I held back the tears as we passed the gospel choir.  All three of us crossed the finish line together-hand in hand.

Race Results

5045 / 13478 overall
1692 / 6315 females
326 / 1014 30-34 females
Slowest marathon to date but I am okay with that.  I finished with 2 of my training buddies, took tons of pictures, and enjoyed myself.  I also never hit a wall (for the second marathon in a row).  I think I have finally figured out my nutrition and what my body needs.  It’s a great feeling.

Garmin Results

You can easily see where we stopped for pictures.  I also thought this would add some distance onto the marathon and I was right.  I can assume that dodging many runners and the many, many turns of the course added to it as well.  This course had WAY more turns than I expected.
Post Race
We waited for several teammates to finish until we couldn’t wait to eat any longer 🙂  We also had to hurry because one of Sara’s friends works for Disney and had free passes (sadly I had already purchased mine).  There were food trucks on the way to the shuttles back to the hotel and I HAD to have my cheeseburger.  It was insane.  Or maybe I was just that hungry. 🙂
I took an ice bath and got ready and hobbled our way to the park.  I was very excited to have my blogging AND high school friend Victoria come meet us.  It was great to catch up and spend the day with her.  Who would’ve thought we would both be running bloggers (we were singers in high school)??  We spent our time in all of the countries at Epcot and rode 2 rides that I can’t remember the names of…
We spent about 7-8 total hours at both parks.  I had absolutely no desire to ride intense rides.  I just wanted a trip down memory lane. So we did the Teacups, It’s a Small World, Carousel of Progress, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion…you get the picture.  This was a great way to stretch out the legs.  
Sara, Mark and myself post-race Magic Kingdom 
teacups action shot-love this one!
I actually hated it.  Not sure why I liked this ride as I child.  Wanted to vom.
Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland 
Do you know Duffy? We didn’t but he was all over the course. This pic is for Sara 🙂 
Me and Victoria-I think the only thing that’s changed since high school is my hair
my fav!!
Running with Team
Characters (especially ones with volunteer photographers)
Crowd Support
Double Bling for Goofy
Chocolate on course
Not So Much:
Crowds on course
Course itself (not a fan of highway running)
Early, early start time
The Bling
The marathon (Mickey) and goofy (Goofy) medals are pretty much the same, except the the characters’ face is obviously different.  Both are heavy, gold material.  I like them both.  I love the velcro, colorful lanyards on both.  I must say though, I really like that the 1/2 marathon (Donald) was colorful.  I get that this seems to be the Disney standard and that the plain gold is typical (Donald was special since it was an anniversary year) but I think these medals could be so much more.  In my opinion, a colorful, different image of each character would be more fun.  But don’t get me wrong, these are still pretty sweet. 

all three shirts are long sleeve. they are unisex and run big!
i said i wouldn’t purchase any more t-shirts but this is cotton and casual and I deserved it 🙂 

Final Thoughts
I had a blast at both events and all weekend.  I highly recommend doing a Disney race at least once.  I don’t think I will go back any time soon–I have now completed Florida and don’t need to go back.  Running and visiting Disney is insanely expensive.  I luckily had TNT covering my hotel, race and flight costs (through fundraising).  If I lived in Orlando, I would do every single one of their races.  But I don’t. 🙂  If you do go for a race, HAVE FUN AND DON’T RUN FOR TIME.  Take TONS of pictures.  This is big coming from a girl who obsesses over time. 

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  • Congrats on being Goofy! Glad you enjoyed the races and took the time to stop for pics. For some reason I really like the photo with Tigger. Maybe it's the contrast of the bright orange and purple. I"ve done other Disney races, but never been there in January for marathon weekend. One of these days…

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