Wordless Wednesday

The holidays…I love them.  I really love Christmas ornaments.  I try to get them on each trip I take and it’s a great way to capture a memory.  You will see some of my fav’s below.  I prefer glass ornaments and hope to have a tree full one day.  Sadly, I couldn’t find any decent ones in a few towns I visited this year (Park City and Providence).

the regular tree
the baby Auburn tree
my fav running ornament-that came true this year! 
Christopher Radko NYC ornament (he’s my fav-just kinda expensive)
Big Sur Handpainted ornament (thats the bridge)
Savannah Riverboat (that we so patiently waited for at the expo)
Me & P at a tacky sweater party this weekend.

Are you all decorated?  Does your tree “match” or is a random collection of ornaments?

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  • LOVE!!! You know how much I love christmas but we're the same person. All my ornaments have been given to me (and kyle) or from a place we have visited and kyle and i get each other one each year!

    boo to the auburn tree! 😉

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the PR ornament!!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I was told it's auto-immune skin disease. Once I googled it, it was also called pemphigus. Good news is, the steroids work so far 🙂

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